Why am I Hungry at night?

I think it is down to being colder, autumnal blues as I said. I am also awake at 3am and waiting for my meal to arrive from fast food joint.

On a side note, does one get more hungry after sex? I recall reading this a while back. Another explanation is that I haven’t eaten enough today. I totally agree. I haven’t. In fact, I haven’t had a single bite to eat, but why?

My body simply isn’t hungry. Desires, carnal and fleeting, can be dealt with. Need food? Eat. Feeling depressed? Try exercise. Every problem has a solution and every day we face different problems.

Why am I hungry at night? I’m glad I asked myself this question. A little voice failed to answer me. Also, why is there such a big focus at the moment on the increasingly political adverts from some huge supermarket brands? Did you see those commercials? I watched them on YouTube. Can’t say I care much about the recent controversial Santa sick advert.

Let’s all do us a favour, yeah? Stop with the politicalisation of potentially dangerous information, when it’s not a supermarkets place to concern themselves with such matters.

I have 1 more on campus workshop next Thursday. I then have my conferencing assessment on the 13th December. I also have a mock drafting assessment to complete this week, I believe on breach of contract. Hopefully I am not stupid and can pass. I am so hard on myself.

I Love you all passively.

Vacant +

Dawn has risen

The time has come

For us all

To love

Not enough words

Hearing your love

Seeing you pass

… and feeling your return.

Sometimes I just feel like… Feel like a soaring eagle

Candy apple

Tipple topple.


See this interestingly vacant article I found Ministers ‘privately worried Covid-19 is spreading through farting’ | Metro News

Decision Time

The time has come

the here and the now

it's time to make a choice

to stand tall or to fall

to begin to regret or embrace it all

now is the time for change

now is the time to let go

of all that you desire

that can't pass through the fire

that wouldn't look good to the King of Tyre

now feel those waves

passing slowly overhead

and breathe deeply

but don't forget those weeply souls

those who never got old

because I have to give

but a mere penance of life

that vanishes in the blink of an eye.


Beginning my days shaving off my sins

Washing away all of those previous whims

Thinking I am the star of the Sims

Driving that car shotgun to Mr Pims

Eagle eyed fraught desire

Wormhole aging attire.

What great news has come upon the American people and indeed the world. George Floyd’s killer was found guilty of murder and guilty he was. A shift in the consciousness of the American people will sweep the world. Let’s hope that the world begins to change and help those who are most in need.


Falling into your arms

Sought to see who you are

Fighting to go far


Gentle rush

Unsympathetic touch

Goldman platonic


Falling into the night

One breath from losing this fight


I’d better start running

Breath sought lion tamer

Become the one to train her

In the midst

Of the valley of the shadow of night


Another Day

destined to sink and slide down the hill,
swallowed pride,
waking to find,
another day.

A simple buzzcut,
knock on her door,
she adores you,
for a whisper.

Bearing sunlight,
dawning of that age,
beginning anew,
and fading eventually, unknown. 

Another day,
everybody could sing it their way,
seeing that, the day,
is nothing but a brick in your way,
so stay,
stay now,
be here,
come far,
go places,
tons of faces,
which we all embrace,
of the embers.

And that hand was forced,
as you know,
inside dark and frightening feelings,
something remains,
just another day.