Love, Connection.

Seeing your love is the only thing that keeps me alive

"Oh, what have you to I?" 

Darting beneath the silver mirror

"I have to give you my love"

enchanting reflective lake

a cold cabin we meet

"... and your love is a fictional lie"

perches on the train line, rail

zapping hands we meet

together, we can flee

terror and hate

doubt and misfortune

swimming into the white clouds

angels surround, us

loving you.

Buy Me A Coffee

Many Years Ago

uniform, cradled desire

transfigurative deceptive, reliance

who do you see when you stroke the night and wish upon her that all is to be 'well'

a glass chalice glistened under my palm said that I could stare into your heart

as motions kiss beckons on my lips she who called upon me

back in the wind of my grace I see I fell unto you

when time rolled and transcended mirrored ghosts 

give you say, be freed from the anxieties of your awakened existence

move forth into the battle zone, paced not for war but for joy

I'm sat here alone surrounded by a brilliant white light a love so bright

is it time to go but no I sit here not to see the day end but feel a rapture

could it have lasted an eternity?

friendship, family does not dwell on the lips it suffers in the gullet

Writer Spotlight – Dani Puteri

I recently had the pleasure of talking to self published author Dani Puteri, who has so far self published 3 books. She had a lot of interesting things to say about her writing process and gave some helpful tips for aspiring writers. Here’s what this young, talented lady had to say about her work, after I put a series of questions to her.

Dani Puteri

Where do you live?

My country is known as an archipelagic country and has a lot of beautiful tourist spots and must be visited. Tourist attractions also include nature tourism, cultural tourism and historical tourism. The nature tourism itself is in the form of mountains, beaches, islands and much more. I like my country which only has two seasons, hot and rainy.

Why are you a writer?

I guess at first by chance. I never thought that I could write a book. Two years ago a friend told me that he had the belief that I could write a book. At the time I just thought it was a joke. It took a lot of effort and a long time. But here I am, I have self-published three books and I am satisfied that in the end, I was able to achieve that dream.

What do you enjoy about writing?

I can forget everything, distract myself from all my problems, just focus on my writing. I don’t know why, but every time I write something, it just flows and I can’t hold it in.

Tell us about your most recent works

“Another Mistake” is my first book that I wrote. My own experience, as well as my experience as a mental health volunteer, influenced me a lot when I wrote this book. This book is about Sara, young women who have dark past. This book is about her life story in the past and how she can finally go through it all and come to terms with her trauma. Heartbroken because she was dumped by her first love, she was severely traumatized. Her friendship with Ray and Andre, her Dad’s love for her and her childhood friend, all of that helped her through all the troubles in her life. In this book I want everyone who reads knows that even though in life we make mistakes, it doesn’t mean that we can’t fix those mistakes. That all decisions will have consequences, whether it’s ultimately the right decision or we make another mistake.

If you could write a book in a new genre, which would you choose?

I am interested in writing children’s stories. It was really a challenge for me. I hope someday I can make it happen.

Do you have any role models or people who inspired you to write?

My Dad. He inspired me when I wrote Another Mistake. He’s already passed away and maybe this book without me knowing, I just want to show him that I really miss his presence.

Are you working on anything at the moment?

For a while I focused on being a mental health volunteer and sometimes blog.

Where can people buy your books?

They can get my book on, Rakuten Kobo

What advice would you give to an aspiring writer?

Never give up, everything is not easy, sometimes it takes a long time and a long process. If you sincerely do what you love, then one day you will definitely get good results, or maybe even more beautiful than what you have imagined.

Amazon – Another Mistake

Rakuten kobo –

I’m glad I got to do this interview for !

I appreciate you taking the time to read this author interview with the Dani Puteri, who has been quite successful so far in her writing journey and I wish her all the best for her future works. Let’s show her some support by liking, commenting, reblogging and anything else you might think could help her. I am grateful for her for her time she gave to talk to me.

For further upcoming interviews with writers stay tuned. If you would like a chance to be in my writer spotlight then please email or alternatively use the contact page.

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Wizard ‘White Light’

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I have to give a presentation next Monday on the Youth Justice System…

Green tea is very beneficial for you. Wizard frequently drinks it. Apparently the benefits of such tea includes things like improving mood, increasing concentration and assisting in weight loss and sugar control…

Wizard also enjoys trying to use such substances to enhance his mind set when he is meditating. Aside from tea he also manages to write poetry as you know.

He still reiterates that you need love and self love. You need to love yourself and treat your mind and body with respect and remain loyal to God. Gaining all the power you need is easier than you think.

Treat people kindly, eat healthy, try not to spend too much time in front of the TV… you get the point yes? Maybe you consider yourself more than a billboard or advertisement? Personally I agree with Wizard most of the time, he has some interesting things to say. He also highlighted the importance of spending time together, smiling, and having a good time overall. I think you probably should be spending more time together, being ‘you’ and not holding back. Otherwise what is left?

Being British is good. He recommends people to take a moment to appreciate your origins. To really accept and put some faith and loyalty back into your native country. He sees many people nowadays who are abandoning their home countries in search of something better. Hindsight?

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Wizards lair is full of smoke sometimes, not the bad kind,maybe more of a myst? Myst as in mystical. Light or inner light that is found and worked using nothing but his bare hands is pretty incredible. Shaping and forming who you are from the inside out, and not the outside in. Being able to distinguish good people instantly, and being able to detect potential danger a mile away. Practice of meditation to strengthen the mind from the noise we all endure on a daily basis. He uses various shades of purple, not a lot though, as too much can be over powering. Purple is the colour of the highest vibrating state and that of the crown chakra. A symbol of Royalty, power and fantasy… To use to much can be akin to arrogance, as once upon a time it was only afforded by the wealthy.


shooting from finger tips

love dripping from thy lips

pluck the petal

mixing metal


frying night



lay to rest,
consign to the grave.

to your destination,
emerged for a fight against an invisible black fog,
apparition inter-dimensional,
sword relinquished,
scolded in fire,
rising up above the surface of the sea,
watching a strange set of eyes watch me.

how you wanted it to. 


In Christianity, lily plants are associated with the Virgin Mary. In Greece, lilies are associated with rebirth and motherhood.

Lilies are a symbol of grace, purity, majesty and honour.

Each petal grown,
every seed dropped,
winding down,
for summer loving.

A held gaze,
glaring at your majesty,
those vibrantly fruitful colours,
as risen from soil.

You're not permanent,
a changing rebirth,
just what lay inside those leaves,
those bulbs and pollen?
consciousness of everlasting rebirth. 

A small snippet of some recent drawings…abstract…

View it landscape


She struggled to find happiness in her life. She wouldn’t leave her home for weeks at a time, and when she did, she’d walk alone. Her life hit a wall, and she took a step back, faced herself in the mirror, and braced for change. She took a leap of faith, not to let fear rule her life.

She is anonymous> labelled X. X has been changing for a month, and in that month she has made a lot of connections, and met new friends. She’s had my help the entire time, she has been leaning on God for the courage to change and to do it her way.

She sits at the window and quietly thinks,
"Oh, what a life I am missing out on!"
No amount of television,
no amount of cursed days inside,
she has to get out of her own way,
the birds in the trees,
the jasper on the iron,
she sees the light.

Her hand guided by fate,
her heart torn by withering faith,
past the gate, a thousand pains,
leads the way,
out of the stone,
into the sea,
a droplet of water to you or me.

Eyes in the sky, to you or I.
an out of body experience, to thy,
her humble journey of self resentment,
our noble ambition to help her find her way.

At first, the lights are too bright,
at first, she is tempted not to start this fight,
alas, the fear has passed,
she's merely setting foot on the grass,
now she focuses on the day long passed,
as she faces the moon of the light of her candle bright.

Figure: "Fear, fear is a tool, not to be messed with."
She: "I have no courage, to change the day."
Guide: "Surely, as the sun rises in the sky, 
it must set again, leaving us in darkness. 
Surely, as the night meets the day, the sun will rise once again."

Let those reptilian thoughts melt into a pool of regrets,
get every single one out of that magical head,
decide not to live in mirage of dread,
your life is just beginning.

Guide: "Whatever awaits the end of this dark and lonesome path, 
will surely have you coming back. Your heart is a thousand soldiers marching through battle, likely you'll feel heavy metal.
"The journey is done, all the evil is gone. 
A sad day, a rainy night, no more cold lights inside your mind. 
You cease the day to embrace the moment, you see it through to the bitter end, coming at every sunrise...back once again."

A heart so cold, turned to gold,
your closed cabinet, open book,
a tainted thought turned into gemstone,
a twisted mind forced to look inside,
with each beaded sweat...
with each falling heartbeat...
every drop of blood...
every lonesome soul...
each pervaded goal...
each and every gasped breath...
your struggling steps...
the sunset...
the nightfall...
a coined tilted all heads...
once barely able to get out of bed...
every bitter end...
latched onto a better way...