Healing Potion ~ Chamomile and Honey

Chamomile and honey is a widely used drink today. In the past as far back as the ancient times, chamomile was used as a healing remedy, and so too honey. Monks advocated during the 8th-8th century C.E for the consumption of beverages that were non-alcoholic which meant they were coming in contact with the average person who felt the same way. It is said to be a sleep promoter, inducing relaxation. It tastes, okay.

I wouldn’t go as far as to say it has more benefits than lavender tea for example, because personally I found more help infusing honey with lavender. But the tea does have many benefits:

1) It can alleviate colds and sore throats

2) reduce headaches

3) aids stomach cramps

4) assists in managing gastrointestinal and IBS ailments

5) regulates blood flow

6) heals wounds faster

7) helps flu and cough symptoms

8) aids sleep disorders

9) regulate blood sugar levels

You can buy chamomile and honey as 1 tea. Or, you can buy chamomile tea and add honey. Whatever your choice, I recommend good quality brands and quality (preferable fresh and from actual bee owners) honey. I used to buy an occasional jar of honey from the local market, which was 10x better than store brands. It was great because they had so many flavours. I also don’t advocate for supermarket honey or things like runny honey. They are simply loaded with things. Usually the way the bees are kept makes a huge difference to the quality too. The variety I used to buy was acacia honey which was lovely. Fortnum and Mason do their own too. Manuka honey is supposedly touted for the many benefits too.

Enjoy your tea and divulge in some classical music! Thank you and have a wonderful day.

What tea do you like to drink?

Coffee and Pasta @ The 6am Writing Club

Good morning and Welcome to Psychedelic Wizard. We hope you are all having a fantastic and positive, love filled awakening as you prepare for this beautiful spring day.

In the midst of April, things can be changing rapidly, both in your personal and professional life. We shift from Aries to Taurus. Daily horoscope for Taurus 20th April:

It would be understandable if you felt out of sorts. What’s going on may be mystifying. Other people’s logic could escape you entirely. This could also bring out your stubborn streak – and you really dig your heels in. It might occur to you that being part of a group or association would have advantages.

It’s the 6am Writing Club. You don’t need to have an expensive membership. I am up nice and early and wanted to be super productive. I enjoy contributing to my site which is why I am posting this! At the 6am writing club, you merely have to start writing at 6am, it can be anything… I mean anything. I am currently adding a part to my Wattpad story along with writing this post. Don’t oblige yourselves though!

What time do you get up? I believe an early rise can sometimes contribute to increased productivity, but not always. You see if I got up at 5am everyday, I wouldn’t feel that productive. I need to delay the work to an extent. Of course, early rise at 5am and then writing until 7 or 8am would allow you to pump out thousands of words, if you are like me. I managed 10,000 in 5 hours recently, with ease {ego alert}.

I am still a vegan, and finding it a lot easier than expected. Although, when I look at vegan plant based options in the supermarkets, they are more expensive – YES – more expensive than the meat equivalents. This is a complete joke and we should be campaigning to make meat free/plant based products cheaper. They are cheaper to produce! For example, a wrap plant based costs £3.00 for falafel and humous. Check this link to Coop to see the range of products I am referring to. It is not included in the meal deal, despite competitor Sainsbury’s including their plant based wraps in the deals, and they are cheaper at £2.80! The meal deal in Sainsburys works out to £3.50. So, what the hell is the higher price about in other supermarkets? There is no excuse, and I used to class Sainsburys as more expensive than Coop. Just a disclaimer, I am not endorsed or sponsored by either.

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Café lite: Review!

You can find a bit more here: https://stockportoldtown.co.uk/visit/cafelito/

The café is located in the old town of Stockport, Greater Manchester. It is a wonderful part of the town, the better part if I say so. All the old ancient buildings from 500 or 600 years ago, great architecture, great shops and the feeling of going back in time.

I have sat outside this café before and had a drink. I only went back the other day, for a drink inside. Today I was braver and sat in for a decaffeinated Americano and then, decided to try the vegan breakfast! they are open until 6 serving any food unless they haven’t got the ingredients.

I had another decaffeinated Americano with the vegan breakfast. I must say that I was expecting something sub par put the food was nice and lovely. Food cooked to perfection and there was a big amount of smashed avocado. The dish was as follows: 2 slices of lovely bread/toast, not the average stuff; big pot of beans, 2 vegan sausage, some peppers on the avocado, a slice of lime, fried tomato, big mushroom, 2 hash brown. Excellent! It cost me £6.50 for the meal. I think it was worth it, very filling, and cooked well. Oh, and a pot of sauce… I chose red, aka, tomato sauce. Good value for money if you think about it. The avocado is the most expensive part in terms of cost both to bank card and the natural wildlife.

The decaf coffee was £2.20 each which is actually pretty standard for most places. The coffee they use appears to be in mugs displaying Grumpy Mule coffee, quite tasty. After my recent trip to Bramhall, the café there didn’t seem quite as good as café lite.

As you can see above, the café is in one of those brilliant pieces of architecture I mentioned. You don’t need to travel the world to find great examples, they are on your doorstep. It offers the vegan options which will automatically bump it to 4 stars minimum. If you look for images of the café, you will find outdated pictures.

Inside is a lovely modern décor with tons of plants, giving it a lovely low beat vibe. Flooring is wooden. You cannot see into the kitchen a lot, which is not a problem. I think having as many plants as they do is why I like it.

Overall, clean, welcoming, great staff, lovely service, good house coffee, great food and choices. Has to be a massive; 5/5. Well done café lite.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

How To Be, That guy!?

That guy with the coffee

steaming brew

reading das paper

cool black long coat

all black clothing

mysterious emblem neck chain

showing himself, the game

strangers watch and awe

he is not a bore

but enigma personified

sexy and cool

slick and all powerful

a stare

or silence

he has his self reliance.

Upcoming Posts

Hi all. As we begin to prepare for a new beginning after we’ve all been zombified, I’d like to share a list of upcoming posts by The Wizard. I thought it may capture someone’s attention. Imagination… open your mind.


I’ll be posting a user review / customer review of the Dunkin Doughnuts in Manchester Piccadilly area. I intend to order coffee and doughnuts. I will be taking pictures… I just hope I can upload them to the computer. I really want to try the ‘Blue sky ring’ as it is my favourite colour. If I am satisfied I with the experience I’ll review some other restaraunts and stuff. Might as well make out I care. With businesses struggling from the naysayers, reviews are more important than ever. Feel free to send me £100 to cover the costs. (the last sentence was a joke, although more than welcome to come with me, friends).

See the source image
I’ve been a naughty wizard… I said I would try out the Dunkin Doughnuts in Manchester Piccadilly but I haven’t yet! I really want to go in and try ‘coffee and doughnuts’ classic Americano style. Credit to the store for looking nice and colourful. To be honest, a lot of restaraunts in Piccadilly looks bright and colourful, there is one called ‘Players’ that looks straight out of Ready Player one and another called ‘Archies’ that looks straight out of pink diner land. I do not know if the store above is the Piccadilly store, but who gives a ****.

Zombie for Sale : Movie Review!

I said it before and I’ll say it again, the south Koreans do zombie comedy / horror excellently! After pounders like Train to Busan and #Alive, I can’t wait to tell you about the Odd Family in this movie! It’s funny, brothers!

See the source image
By the time the scary part arrives, you’ll be recovering from the fun you’ve had and be well connected to this group of oddballs! Zombie that eats lettuce, yeah?

Anna and the Apocalypse! Movie review

I will review this first in a short time. A great zombie Christmas musical! I think I’ve seen it 2 times and starred in it once. I enjoyed it. There are musicals that overdo the singing and dancing, like Tommy (still a great film) and those that have acting between the singing and dancing, like Oliver! (another classic British movie.) Anna is a strong willed British schoolgirl and yeah zombies come. But it does not overdo the musical aspect, works it in with the zombie killing – favourite scene involves a bowling alley with beautiful lights and funny action! Overall the review will be positive but it will also look deeper at the British musical movie scene, which has lacked anything remotely good since this 2018 release ( a great year for me, never forget it).

See the source image
I cried during this movie, because it was beautiful in so many ways.

I really want to do more restaraunt reviews. I want to start doing them I should say. I also want to review more shops in general. You might remember my post from around August I believe where I described my day out to the Trafford Centre Manchester. A long and detailed post I thought, giving insight into products. It made me feel rather satisfied that day. I will get round to reviewing ‘Archies’ and ‘Players’ at some point in January. It will also be a good chance to get out to eat in a restaraunt, which I miss. Not been many chances to do that over the last few years. I’ll try and write a review for ‘Rec’ if I haven’t already… yeah boy, it’s another z movie review. A franchise. I smell copper. Milkman?

So, if eating rice and peas is your idea of getting high on a Saturday night, do it, baby. Do it good. Then, roll over the next morning into the bin beside your bed whilst having clam induced seizures because you opted for the all you can eat rather than the weekend special. Clam chowder.