Some Day

Some day

not on my rest day

you'll be waiting for me

across the lake

between the night

through your charm

and snake delight

I charge through fire

to meet you at the edge...

of your desire

Whilst we wait

we hope, we pray

that our vision will unite

and befall our enemies

under Gods power

so that we

can live in our tower


Why the News and Other Media Outlets Follow Social Trends

In response to a post on social media I became acutely aware that the state of society is somewhat a loss. The media, news channels and other various outlets are deliberately restricting certain content whilst favouring others.

One such topic is LGBTQ rights. Now we in England and the UK have no shortage of these rights. People can identify as gay or lesbian or whatever without the risk of persecution. The gay scene is big in many towns and cities.

However, in other countries such as Uganda, these rights are non existent and merely identifying as homosexual is now illegal. I bring this up because Uganda like many countries do criminalise homosexuality but they have done so for hundreds of years. The west, like England also used to criminalise it but we only talk about other countries. Although England has changed it doesn’t mean it hasn’t always been a part of this.

So why do the news outlets focus on places like Uganda? Well, it’s simple. They are popular news stories which will garner huge attention and support in western countries from people who haven’t the faintest clue as to how or what the operation or culture of those foreign countries is. For example, the majority of citizens could be in favour of the new bill, making it a democratic process with homosexuals – if there is many in Uganda – in the minority.

However the west does a very nasty job of making these countries seem like the worst place on earth. Aside from protecting their own cultural heritage and the society they live in, they are a different way of life and people don’t seem to understand that. What is normal in one country isn’t always normal in the other. We have to accept this. Trying to impose a global homosexuality acceptance parade is offensive and undermines the majority. Remember that these homosexuality rights are modern creations, and you cannot shift the entirety of Africa, or Afghanistan or Saudi Arabia to do as the west pleases.

Taking the story of Uganda, it had been illegal since 1902 to be a homosexual including various displays of affection. The new death penalty is not something to be frowned on, in fact it is to prevent the rape and abuse of young boys and girls.

The law in Uganda now classes ‘aggravated homosexuality’ as having gay sex with someone under the age of 18 or with someone being HIV positive, among other categories…

This is not a bad thing, but the west seems to think that homosexuality should be allowed in any form, even minors. You have to laugh at the disgusting reporting going on. Insinuating our African family is less because they ban something which would otherwise hurt the vulnerable is not a good image. Although the agenda in England has started to shift to dangerous tactics like imposing LGBTQ awareness in schools.

Saudi Arabia came around, changing the law to allow women to drive, a huge milestone. Yet with all their laws banning homosexuality the world cup was hosted there! What does that say about the medias agenda? It seems they have a selective and very dangerous money grab scheme involving certain states and countries. If they hosted the world cup and built and entire stadium for the world to visit, surely they are open to making homosexuality legal? The west went there, paid them trillions and didn’t say a thing about its brutal legal system – known worldwide for persecuting people for very minor crimes.

If the news actually reported on things that matter – like the fact that Afgahnistan also imposes the death penalty for homosexuality and so do several other countries then it might seem fair to go after Uganda, but the reality is the new law is actually protecting people. Don’t forget Africa and many of the countries suffer from AIDs and HIV epidemics, with HIV being a worldwide pandemic for many years. They have to account for this, and the high risk of disease spread from homosexuality activity.

Although I am not condemning them or siding with them in any case. It seems like perhaps we, and the news of the west need to give countries a wider berth. We cannot be selective about what we choose to argue about when in reality those same things are happening in western countries. There is no end in sight for LGBTQ rights in England, and it is unlikely that they will end soon, if anything they will continue to grow.

The Power to Be

What you harness inside 

Grows to become your being

So whether hate, love or content

You blossom the seeds you plant

At the right time, they feed you

Pain with be delivered

If hate is your intent

Take this as a sign

That you are meant for more

Don't hold onto a promise

Or somebody else's lies - of which there are too many

Calmly walk through the fire

And breath with confidence

Unto your life

Knowing in heart and mind

You did the right thing

Rather than succumb to devilish ways

Cheap attacks and fake facades

Climbing the stairs doesn't make you an angels

Unless you know your worth

Counted by Osiris in coins

Weighed in gold

We don't know

Until we know

That you are there

I am here

There is one chance, to make things right.

Passionate about You

You can't see the fire within

But you will feel the heat


Quick Point on Protests

When it comes to having passions, I think that is great. I love hearing about peoples lives, passions and hobbies, goals and more. When you push it too far into the realm that affects others though, it isn’t a good thing.

I wanted to express my opinion on this topic. When I see protestors I don’t see their point in hurting, disturbing or insulting the normal people not involved. Yes it involves some harm. You might say that protest is a great thing to oppose the institutions. Sure when done correctly.

Lately I keep seeing vegans showing animals abuse and slaughter in the streets on television screens, they wear masks and don’t speak. I agree with one or two people that this is disgusting to be showing people walking around in public, especially children. It isn’t fair to push this on people with the insinuation that they are bad for eating meat. Eating a plant based diet has benefits, sure. But there is a need for some humans to eat meat. Their bodies cannot tolerate all plant based or they lack protein from it. This is not a diet issue with some but a medical issue. So when I see vegan pushing it against everyone – including myself – I get offended.

Then there is the sitting in road protests against oil. It disturbs people from getting to work. It stop emergency services. What does this achieve? Nothing. Stopping cars on one road will not impact billion pound energy companies from selling oil. Nor will it stop the customer from buying it.

That is all. I don’t think forcing these things on people is the way to go. It makes me frustrated to see this because it upsets my fellow human beings and that in turn affects me. Being passionate doesn’t mean you should cause people alarm and distress. Love one another!

Now onto writing. I have a short story ready to publish although not sure if I will. I also started to publish one on Wattpad – exclusive there until further notice. It is called The Zombie Lands and will have a new part released every Saturday. You can follow me on there for updates on the story. It is free. I suppose I could put it for sale but it’s free for now. So enjoy!

Quiet Forest Drive – Short Story

How the story of a man became the story of his change. Courage and strength in darkness, and light that shines the path to self-discovery. This is extracted from his real experience.

Quiet Forest Drive

A Short Story
by T. Maxwell-Harrison (Copyright 2022)

Peter Godspeed was thinking about Anna Sealake again. Anna was a caring demon with white hair and athletic arms.

Peter walked over to the window and reflected on his secluded surroundings. He had always loved quiet Forest Drive with its high-pitched, hard houses. It was a place that encouraged his tendency to feel disappointment.

Then he saw something in the distance, or rather someone. It was the caring figure of Anna Sealake.

Peter gulped. He glanced at his own reflection. He was an emotional, determined tea drinker with blonde hair and blue eyes. His friends saw him as an adorable, adventurous angel. Once, he had even brought someone back from the brink of death.

But not even an emotional person who had once brought a single person back from the brink of death, was prepared for what Anna had in store today.

The rain hammered, making Peter lost. Peter grabbed a chair that had been strewn nearby; he massaged the wood.

As Peter stepped outside and Anna came closer, he could see the cooperative glint in her eye.

Anna glared with all the wrath of an empathetic rare rabbit. She said, in hushed tones, “I hate you and I want to never see you again.”

Peter looked back, even more lost. “Anna, I have feelings for you,” he replied.

They looked at each other with shame feelings, like two old, old-fashioned owls sitting at a very robust night out, which had piano music playing in the background.

Peter studied Anna’s white hair and athletic arms. Eventually, he took a deep breath. “I’m sorry,” began Peter in apologetic tones, “but I don’t feel the same way, and I never will. I just don’t hate you Anna.”

Anna looked sad, her emotions raw like a tricky, tense table.

Peter could actually hear Anna’s emotions shatter into pieces. Then the caring demon hurried away into the distance.

Not even a cup of tea would calm Peter’s nerves tonight.

If you listen to this song, then you will better connect with Peter, who said he heard something like this song playing as he experienced this event.

The Lonely Path

A heart that is beating at a million miles an hour

I don't think I can make it this hour

the hour is upon us

not so long ago...

vast landscape

and breeze and the howling of the wolves at night

birds of prey screeching 

sounds like the moon will last an eternity

bringing into my retina

such a ghastly sight

upon that time

when I recollected my consciousness

felt that divine wisdom

set upon my own path

free from the pain inflicted by others

no longer a pawn for their evil

standing by thy brothers who are afraid

I will not be made

or cast into some geometrical shape

I am the One.

I wanted to share The Lonely Path. It is about the path that we all face. I have talked about it before. The path that divides, the other path. There is one path. I see one way. But just because you are walking the lonely path does not mean you cannot be with other people. Life is about giving as much as it is about receiving. it is more than believing. it is about doing. You have to show the world your light, so that you can shine in the dark when you meet your demise. Just because a seed grows into a flower, that does not mean we should discard it when it drops its leaves in the fall. Rather, we should nurture the plants so they will regrow, and the leaves will reappear. And when we too lose our faith, so too shall we steadfast and nurture it, because it will come back and it will be the same.

…’amazingly, the saviour found his voice’

The Days Long Gone

My depressed mind takes me back to a time

That time of great emotion and change

That time, so long ago

A strange moment I would know

Literal otherworld messages

deep and moving transgressions

passion for all existence

much inner resistance

ultimate finale

Hard choices

in the swooping fast lane

most daunting river of silver

your soul with ever deliver

until you see

the here and now

you take the bow

maybe a fall

deep hurting wall


The hero did not need testing

but he did a lot of resting

those days

and those nights

and all of those internal fights

for release

a time long ago

when the hero took the brave move…

…and let go

8 years ago.

Tidy Box

In the beginning there was nothing
Now there is everything
Rich elitist's in space
Poor people struggling for livable space
Those cold calculated smiles on the bankers face

Shut up!

Stuffed into the box
Straying from the path
Halt! 20mph!
Between the lines
Between the lies
Colouring your mesmerising denial
In paper standard
To inflation
And you need to be thick
Get off your **** and work...

Autumn Rising

I don’t know what I want anymore
I don’t know what to want
I have nothing I want
Maybe wait until this is over
Just get it over
Let it end
Steep end
Nobody cares
And I don’t care anymore
Maybe over caring
Is leading to emptyiness
And pain
Because there must be route
To the finish line
And I can buy any more time
Time to live
Spent a lifetime already
In the space
And now reliving 
All your mistakes
In the clutch of the devil
Evil that seeps through white papal cloth
Onto burning leaves
Autumn night leaves
Us alone
To be cold
And stunned
In silence
Where we find waiting
Something boring
Can you hear the wind blowing against my thin bones?
Can you see the birds circling above your tiny abode?
Let all of us rise again
Let all of use die again
Once again
Tortured and different
Grey and depleted
Space friends
So desperately were needed
Waiting to change
And seeing rhetorical lies