Star Dust

White matter

black matter

it all matters

Weary Wednesday!

Bottle of gloom

Half way there

Settle 'til noon

Crested smiles upon thy face

Let us lie

In our resting place

As we begin the transition into Spring once again I am reminded of the beauty of life. Glad to be alive, to have made it this far. Of course, it is a struggle. More for some of us. Rather than have high hopes of uncertain futures, taking each moment with a deep breath. Recalling happy memories, making time to forget past pains. It might snow in March but my life is always bright.

It has been snowing quite a lot today! It’s not snowed this winter except for now and a little back in December where I live. Today I treated myself to some chips and mushy peas and a slice of biscoff cake. Supporting the local businesses. Helping society function by spreading the money where it is needed.

The above picture might inspire a prompt in you.


Night is young

Embark on the causal subways of the times

Shadows dance

Figures elongated in mind

Seeking, preying

Finding the bait

Dear demon

I can't negate

Your hate

Distant screams of a broken future

Cries that cannot be found

Your all around

Yet we search for escape

And find no exit door

Daily Life

Our life

written in ink

on the walls

of the divide

never felt so strongly

as we push as one

against a tide

filled with sharks

I know daily life is hard at the moment for many. I see it everywhere in online posts, in real life and through my own experiences. Hopefully my site is a glimmer of light in the dark. With everything going on you’d think that the people in charge might try to ameliorate the situation. The truth is they don’t care and never will. You are on your own. Life is yours to enjoy. Don’t hold onto false promises

Plan to begin anew. Try to live the best you can and be happy. If you focus on the positive you will be happy. I hope you can see the good in your life. I enjoy writing so I do that to make me feel better. I like to share that with the world sometimes. I have hobbies. There’s something uplifting about being content in your own world.

Working on the you will help the world be a better place. Start to be the change you want to see. Good brings good. If we can be happy and content then the children of today will grow up knowing what truly matters. Love is free and there is no end to its supply. Light and dark are two ancient enemies yet are interconnected. We are the light in the dark. Your spirit lifts the world and others in it.

Without you, there is nothing.

Photo Drop! Day outing.

Some of you may recognise the waterfall above. I returned to Cheshire today to take some more photos. Considerably more busy than last week although still worth it. I bought a tea at the café. Bonus points for those who can guess where I went.

Notice the old gas street lights still in place in the park. I have been to other parks with considerably more of them. I’m hoping to go to Liverpool docks at some point but am not particularly fond of the idea of travelling there. I’d like to try to visit the very high Kinder Scout reserve again as there is some wonderful spots to take photos.

The top photo is of the woodland off the beaten track which no doubt you could walk through however I haven’t seen anyone do so!

What Bores You?

What bores you?

WordPress Prompt

Notice the question structure. What bores you? I am definitely not one to get bored easily however I can narrow the list down to a few things:

  1. Any discussion about politics or the current economic state
  2. Conversations or news about people being underpaid
  3. Talk of war, violence, racism and any other current political or social issue
  4. Being in the car for more than 2 hours on a drive
  5. Being stuck somewhere you don’t want to be – which makes me bored of the situation

Aside from that I don’t tend to bore myself. I do a lot of interesting things and have many hobbies.

Now, over to you!


So many choices

I don't have to make

That might be considered a poem, oh well. That is not the point of this post!

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Blue eyes lust her raging fire

Striking the clocks at that minute of the hour

Zap and twist through thorns longing growth

Flying through an unkindly ghost

Bolt whisks in, and saves her soul

Clouded, thin, frail to the bone.

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