Short Story

Don Domino and the Fish People.

It could have been Los Angelos or a terrible nightmare, where only he knew that the nearby accommodation he was staying in was something of a Travel Lodge or Premier Inn style hotel.

It’s not Simon, he says to the ticket checker, confirming everyone in their seats is paid for. No, it’s Peter, he says, laughing, closing his eyes on the border of sleep as the freakshow is in full swing. Whoever his company is that night, she affirms what he says. Nothing more is said. What show has he been watching in the dimly lit auditorium? A big fish tank is on stage full of exotic little swimmers, some big too. He likes to zoom his phone camera in and out on them. The show is about fish. Oh, and supposedly being able to jump high, but we’ll get to that later.

But, alas, some people in the audience wear masks to look human. They have big fish eyes and their heads look like piranhas! People are advised that this may frighten them. What on earth has Don gone and got himself into?

Before anything substantial happens, people start to leave and some stay to ask questions. Leaving the building to head back to the hotel, Peter or Don notices it is colder than usual, but he is wrapped up and able to run. His run bring him to a closed shop, the alley to the left of it is the route he used to get to the show, but it now has a big metal fence blocking it. There is no way back to the hotel.

Fortunately he knows the place, the situation and the whole scenario. He’s been here before, a long time ago, in fact it was so far back that he was surprised that he could remember it. This time he had the advantage, although somethings did throw him off. There’s always a lot of fences in the area, some guarded, as if there is some dark criminal activity going on behind them.

Continuing his jog, he begins to jump over 3 feet barriers, turning left again, to face a long wide, dimly lit road, which snakes entrance to the hotel, the back entrance. Guarded, and the dead of night, he has no choice but to utilise weapon… woman. She lures him in, and he knows what she is. She takes money and then tries to kill men, she’s a dangerous thing. Never give anyone money, he thinks. But, with her as company he reaches the final gate, jumps over the 10 foot high barrier and lands softly. The woman cannot cross and she does not possess the skill or agility.

Alas, the end, he has crossed the final gate alone. No resistance in the shadows for him. Now, time to let the sunrise.