Aww, he’s smiling?

I mowed the lawn

I trimmed the bushes

A cobble path snakes round my garden

I like my garden

She is calm

She let's me rest

Where the sun beams its rays on me

There is no work today

The work is done

I wait

For the moon

My house is clean

I see through the shiny windows


Today I saw the sky from my living room window

Today I saw the clouds from my living room window

I, however, could not see a point in living… so I gave up.

Cold meat give me my strength back.

Oh, wicked cold meat

You are so dastardly to eat

I cannot comprehend such a feat.

Dear my house cleaner



Now I feel like killing people

That is what my client said

My psychologist

The local bar

Price for a day to heaven

Two pounds.

Gazing from the inside

Gazing from the inside,
staring at the bright side,
wondering how you got a bride,
on the inside.

Eyeing the desert,
that desert space,
nothing to see, just eternal space,
on the inside,
of a deluded rat race.

I didn't see your face,
coalesced musk,
all of it coagulating right here,
between those ears. 


What if you wake up with no direction,

see yourself take a long reflection…

what happens if you are a ghost,

and your shadow casts fear across the night pavements,

what if you saw me looking in on myself,

an alien, an image,

shone through the mirror to the other side,

would you cry?

If you knew what was really inside.


via Daily Prompt: Abstract

‘Existing in thought or as an idea but not having a physical or concrete existence’

This could sum up the entire universe, literally the entire universe is abstract and just a thought in a sense. It’s just consciousness as millions of people believe. But when abstract art comes out, people consider it terrible and to an extent, it is.

What is abstract art? It could be a painting, a poem, a movie or a personality. But it isn’t a normal one, it is usually very strange and very unique. It is what one might call, mind garbage.

Alice in wonderland is a very abstract book, and very peculiar film, both the animated and live versions. It is loved by millions. Picasso is a well known abstract painter, his work is loved by millions. What do they have in common? They are based on an idea that can only be represented by something so insane that you cannot possibly comprehend the meaning. So it leads us to the meaning by showing us something abstract that might aid our journey. Most of the time though, the art is meaningless in nature and as I said, mind garbage.

Make sense? No, I didn’t think so.