I’m on an extra long break + look at this magic water I found

Yesterday on my lonesome travels I found this delight in a store.

I bought some sparkling rose water. It was lovely to try this. It is the exact same aroma you would expect if you had inhaled rose oil. It also reminded me of rose chocolates. I have to say the price was reasonable too.

Talking about coincidences… well not that this is a major synchronicity but it was infused with Bulgarian rose. After my post yesterday on Bulgaria when I bought it I found this to be quite the surprise. I rate it 5/5 for taste and refreshment. The perfect summer drink! Pssst I was tempted to buy the ginger beer which I planned on getting but changed my mind to be a little adventurous. It is magic water so grab a bottle. (not sponsored, Fentimans feel free to send me a cheque for this).

Anyway I’m on a long break today from 11:30 to 1:45. I have to be back by 1:45 to continue. Not bad, saves sitting in the office for an hour. I don’t usually talk about work on here so this is a one off. I like to keep this site fun and free spirited!

It is 28 Celsius today and I am loving it! I really hope for 30c heat so we can all come together and enjoy ourselves. That is what life should be focused on, not work or money but being together in the here and the now. Take care.

How is your day going?