I Ate Tasty Polish Dumplings for Lunch!

I tried something new for lunch today. After reading about a little restaurant called Beerogi in Greater Manchester, I had to try this Polish cuisine.

Specialising in the Polish dumpling, otherwise known as pierogis in Poland, I found a glorious menu priced at 10 dumplings for £12. I think that is rather fair given that they were both scrumptious and healthily filling. I ordered two flavours; White Polish dumplings – potatoes and cheese, also known as the classic flavour. And I asked for the Beerogi special, which was also a variety of cheese; albeit with more flavour. I was asked what I’d like to drink before eating as is usual in restaurants. I ordered a diet coke delivered in a very nicely designed glass I might add. The glass in the picture contains an energy drink which I purchased from another store.

The feel of the restaurant was welcoming, with comfortable seating and compact table arrangement with nice decorations on the wall – as in the above photo.

Below are the pierogis. My goodness!

Since these are suitable for vegetarians I would say these are extremely well priced. Very filling. I found them flavoursome and interesting to eat. You get 10 and I mixed two flavours, however one of my accompanying guests had 2 of each!

The green was cabbage and the black was a fish specialty. I was surprised not to see spinach on the menu list! The side was some variety of cabbage/salad and my other guest had pork with potatoes which came with some variety of sauerkraut.

All in all it was very nice and made a huge difference to what I’d already eat. If you come to Manchester and want something different/foreign then come to this restaurant. It makes for a great lunch!

Five star service, very friendly.

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