Clear Skies, Mesmerise.

Clear skies


pack of lies

that you should show

to spring in the winter glow

behold the lord is coming

for Jesus Christ has risen

and the days are long

longing for your smile

we feast and reconcile

our differences.

That might be borderline rapping although I am not sure. Hopefully you are not upset by this. I also took some wonderful photos yesterday and today. It is very sunny and somewhat warm although the air is cold, so not exactly shorts and t-shirts weather yet.

A beautiful cobble stone path within a park, leading to a bowling green. It felt like being on an adventure in Wonderland!

I thought this was a great shot showing the contrast between winter and spring. You can see the transition from light to dark, and from death to rebirth. The flowers are rising from the ground bringing new life to the world again. The earth is slowly becoming more lush with ivy green grass and trees that were bare are now sprouting leaves.

I really liked this picture because of the clear blue skies in the background, along with the beaming sunlight. The cherry blossoms signal the start of spring.

On a side note, I found a book in a charity shop – a travel guide – on Europe. It costs £2 which is a bargain! The online equivalent was something like £12. Brand new it would’ve cost £18.99!

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