Daily Life

Our life

written in ink

on the walls

of the divide

never felt so strongly

as we push as one

against a tide

filled with sharks

I know daily life is hard at the moment for many. I see it everywhere in online posts, in real life and through my own experiences. Hopefully my site is a glimmer of light in the dark. With everything going on you’d think that the people in charge might try to ameliorate the situation. The truth is they don’t care and never will. You are on your own. Life is yours to enjoy. Don’t hold onto false promises

Plan to begin anew. Try to live the best you can and be happy. If you focus on the positive you will be happy. I hope you can see the good in your life. I enjoy writing so I do that to make me feel better. I like to share that with the world sometimes. I have hobbies. There’s something uplifting about being content in your own world.

Working on the you will help the world be a better place. Start to be the change you want to see. Good brings good. If we can be happy and content then the children of today will grow up knowing what truly matters. Love is free and there is no end to its supply. Light and dark are two ancient enemies yet are interconnected. We are the light in the dark. Your spirit lifts the world and others in it.

Without you, there is nothing.

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