The Power to Be

What you harness inside 

Grows to become your being

So whether hate, love or content

You blossom the seeds you plant

At the right time, they feed you

Pain with be delivered

If hate is your intent

Take this as a sign

That you are meant for more

Don't hold onto a promise

Or somebody else's lies - of which there are too many

Calmly walk through the fire

And breath with confidence

Unto your life

Knowing in heart and mind

You did the right thing

Rather than succumb to devilish ways

Cheap attacks and fake facades

Climbing the stairs doesn't make you an angels

Unless you know your worth

Counted by Osiris in coins

Weighed in gold

We don't know

Until we know

That you are there

I am here

There is one chance, to make things right.

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