Ideal house. Bling, props, guns and tobacco.

What is your ideal house?

There are detached properties, semi-detached, bungalows, cottages, mansions, town houses, and a wide range of other more weird varieties.

Most people end up in normal looking semi-detached properties in the UK. With (guessing here) an average of three bedrooms. I could imagine that most couples buy three bedroom properties with the intent on starting families.

My ideal home? Well, let’s zoom straight to mansions. I used to live in one. Not a new mansions either because they don’t seem to build them anymore. An old mansion, fully renovated, six bedrooms, four bathrooms with several en-suites. Gaming rooms – including a bowling alley. Throw in a cinema, some kind of indoor and outdoor pool and tennis courts.

If not, then I’d be content with a small cottage in the countryside.

Photo by Vitalii IONASHKU on

So, how about you? I don’t need to write much in this post. It’s over to you!

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