Happy New Year Folks… what the hell

Well we did it again. We passed through the ether of the previous year to come out into a new beginning. The end was just the means to start again.

What are your new year goals?

Get fit… lose weight… eat healthy… quit drinking… write more… do more… make something… go somewhere… achieve something…

You have likely seen my post on my new years writing goals: to get my stories finished and published. Those are writing goals / author goals. Of course having deadlines is a writers worst nightmare. When it passes you kind of worry you’ve failed. Well I work for myself when it comes to deadlines… I tell you when I’m done. (might not work if you’ve been contracted to a deadline haha).

I released my new novella Battle of the Zombies just before Christmas with hints of more upcoming works. I hope to add more to my site and continue especially, with the medieval England history. I also want to add some posts to the Napoleonic history page relating to weapons and such of the time, clothes and housing.

It’s now the Year of the Rabbit. If you enjoy that sort of thing you might also be interested in looking at some of the signs for this year in terms of your birthday, star sign etc.

Might be worth scrapping the bunny theme and replacing it with something more reality based, such as the year of the struggle of the common man and woman.

What the hell! Wait a second! Did we just begin afresh? We did!

It’s always free on Kindle Unlimited. Priced at £1.99 for the Kindle ebook price. May make a print version at some point. Or just add it to a collection of short stories for print.

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