10 Page a Day Challenge

Good morning community!

It’s a frosty -2 this morning with plenty of cold winds coming in to. Reminds me of a typical winter day! I really do hope it snows properly this year.

Since last night I’ve been thinking about my reading, more specifically the page count. I don’t usually count the pages I read – but I used to – and since becoming re-aware of my habits I decided I would.

Let me explain. Last week I was enthralled by Angels and Demons by Dan Brown and had read 50+ pages in one sitting. This was good, as usually I’d read little more than 30 pages (at a guess). So my average had increased. yet with another historical fiction book I only managed maybe 2 – 3 pages at a time, each day. I want to read more of that one in each sitting by the way!

I then realised my reading time had improved significantly. Taking the 50 pages I’d read over the course of one sitting, which at the time was around 2 hours 30 minutes, I knew that this was an improvement. I’m usually a slow reader. Anyway my eyes were following the words more easily and pages were turning quicker. The process felt less strained and more enjoyable and I found myself not wanting to put the book down. This could also be due to the fact it’s interesting.

I hear people say they can’t focus enough to read; but I say this, you can read if you practice. Yes, practice reading by reading. By the time you’ve read ten pages I guarantee you will find it easier. But I say that lightly, you need to do it daily to see an improvement in concentration. Reading things you enjoy can be of significant help as you won’t feel forced to pull yourself through a difficult chapter.

Let me introduce the 10 Page a Day Challenge

It’s easy and effective. You’ll find that at the end of the week doing the 10 pages a day – and hopefully a lot more – that your reading concentration and focus has improved ten fold. You’ll be able to navigate large chunks of text in minutes.

Who’s this for?

Ideally those who struggle with reading, those who find it hard to enjoy books or those who don’t read in general. I recommend choosing a good thick book targeted for your age, that way your more likely to meet the wide range of vocabulary expected in other books of the same genre.

I read every day and find the benefits are above and beyond what people expect. It’s winter soon and you’ll be grateful to be in bed under the warm blanket with a book, or even beside a warm fireplace. It’s great for tackling a huge social issue – loneliness – and can (I believe) be super awesome at making you feel better.

So there you go! A 10 Page a Day Challenge and it doesn’t matter if you read more. Read to your hearts delight. I am sure I have some reading to do … by for now!

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