What’s Your Favourite Cartoon?

What’s your favorite cartoon?

I don’t watch cartoons anymore but I did when I was a kid and there was a huge selection on tv. I have no idea if the channels still display the same things. I hope they do. But from what I last saw they seem to have moved to a whole new world of entertainment for kids.

Let’s start with the well known ones:

Looney Tunes – By far the biggest selection of kids cartoons with wide ranging stories, characters and shows. There was no shortcomings in these programmes. However they were filled with quite inappropriate content and some would say abuse. Maybe that’s why they disappeared?

Cartoon Network – The biggest 24 hour animated kids show. I remember many of the episodes on here. They were fun and rewatchable.

The Simpsons – The longest running animated series I can think of. Thriving in the 90s and beyond and remains extremely popular with adults and kids alike. I’d say this is one of my favourites – although I can’t watch it on TV and haven’t done for years!

Spongebob Squarepants – My first experience of this American animated series was in the states. It is humourous, fun and full of adventure. It’s put out two movies, has been the subject of entire rides in Floridas Disneyland and is still watched by millions.

I could list on and on with these shows… But times have changed. Animated shows have started using more advanced techniques which has overhauled the look, and once upon a time practical sets for shows have been replaced with computers. There is an array of British kids entertainment that now uses exclusively CGI whereas before it was real people – actors, set designers, artists, painters… you name it.

The biggest changes have taken place, eradicating jobs and making some shows unwatchable. Could I pick a favourite? Well, out of the above I’d say Looney Tunes offered the most fun. I haven’t watched them in years, but shows like that were worth it at the time. Society has changed through and they are simply not at the forefront anymore, due to cultural shifts. I’m sure back then the creators and people who worked on them saw them lasting forever, but they can’t simply because the content was branded unacceptable.

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