My Upgraded Site – What it Means For You

Good day and welcome to my site. I have taken a leap and upgraded my WordPress site which I hope will enable me to start offering some exclusive content to viewers.

Initally I was hesitant as I wanted to make some money as well. But in the end I’ve taken the decision and now have to follow through.

What it means is this:

  • You can now access paid content – this will most likely be access to specialised content, like videos and photos, particularly special news and poems. I won’t disappoint you with the paid content although I am suggesting that you should not be in any way offended if you re asked to pay to watch a video. It is partially due to wanting to keep my privacy. I have no intention of ever uploading my face on camera for you, so don’t expect video chats.
  • You may see ads on this site – not WordPress ads as they have been removed.

I am hoping that it will boost traffic considerably although I do get quite a lot anyway.

Follow me on YouTube – my new account with photos of places I visit. Plus videos of course to come.

Buy Me a Coffee – my new account is now live for donations. Any change from this will go to charity

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