Your Healing is My Healing & Other News,1%E2%80%99%20when%20it%20comes%20to%20your%20mental%20health.

After World Mental Health Day 2022 yesterday, how are you feeling today? I myself have struggled with elements of mental health and poor wellbeing, and at times to the point I could not get out of bed. At the moment I am doing okay, getting through each day, using a new medication which is aiding sleep. See what I did there? I talked about how I feel, and what is happening. The only difference with this is that it is online so you can only respond through comments, not vocalisation! The takeaway? Get together with someone and talk! Talk about anything and anything. Address how you both feel if needed and develop and grow. Need support? Go get it.

With so many people struggling it is not something I am happy to look over when I post. That is why I started this post by talking about mental health. Irregardless of the last two years people have always struggled.

Now onto some recent events in the world. I’ll throw in some interesting pieces too. The biggest news in Eastern Europe is the ongoing war in Ukraine. Russia’s invasion since February has proved to be a huge media sensation. But as us Brits sleep safely in our warm beds; how many children will sleep soundly as bombs drop over their home city of Kyiv? ~ The Kyiv Independent. Supporting independent journalism in Ukraine.

More news from Eastern Europe. Our Latvian brethren consider Estonia to be the friendliest nation.

But did you know that the happiest country in the world is actually now Finland? Yes, it is. It used to be Denmark, but Denmark now falls into second place.

More development news for Estonia as the Eu now pledges €354 million to boost the economy.

Well, talking about economy. Did you know the biggest cheese producer in the world is actually Denmark? Everyone thinks the Swiss are, but they are not!

Germany just celebrated its Oktoberfest! It is the largest of its kind in the world. Go to the site below to see next year’s adventures!

Crisis off the coast for these boat dwellers as rescue teams called out!

Well thanks for sticking with me. Those articles were what I found the most interesting over the last few days. I’d be interested to go down to the beer fest just for the sake of gathering intel for my posts! Pictures and all!

The book I am reading at the moment is Lee Childs Jack Reacher: Never go Back. They made two movies starring Tom Cruise based on this character.

As far as books go it is okay and easy to read and I am interested to know what happens to the character. If anything, it helps me relax.

Have a great day. Comment below with your struggles with mental health, and how you feel if you want to. Let us know what news caught your attention and what you want to see more of in the world!

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