Remembering Our Humanity

Waiting in the hope that the darkness of night might just slip to allow...
our morning glory to shine through, as if you'd been painted in clay hope
but it didn't matter that folks were random code generated on lost desires
mind and heart were the ragings of the dream we once shared
bouncing between a hurt place and the base of my tree
to wake shivering in the cold where the leafs turned orange and red
believing truly that you were dead
yet through the mist came a shadowy knight
does he know that he made it alright
we move swiftly through graces blow, a little too much, a little too slow
a beckoning call of all humankind, a reality call for your sacred find.

Thanks for reading. I’ve come through fire these last two weeks. Something that was not expected but then again, the trying of times comes when we least expect it to. I’m rebuilding, strengthening myself up again to put myself back where I was before in terms of energy. Take care and be well all.

Find the song below shared for your pleasure.

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