World Lizard Day

Welcome. It’s World Lizard Day which means a celebration of yet another fantastic species in the Animal Kingdom!

Did you know there are more than 5,000 species of lizard and they are on every continent except Antarctica? Chameleons and geckos camouflage themselves so they cannot be seen, they are invisible to us humans and predators. Many lizards can also release their tails, known as autonomy, to distract predators while they escape. A frilled-neck lizard fools its predators by making itself look large and scary. Komodo dragons are the only lizards known to hunt humans! These are large creatures which I’m sure you’ve seen at the zoo and you should not get close to them.

I’m going to feature the Agamid lizards!

The Agamidae family consists of more than 300 species across six subfamilies. This includes a large variety of Agamas, and the very popular beard dragons, water dragons, and uromastyx, or spiny-tailed lizards. There are also tree lizards, sailfin lizards, butterfly lizards and more.

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