Filtered Water

I have taken the time to reinstate my water filter after a brief trial last year. My initial reaction was not good, I thought it made the water taste weird and gave an aftertaste.

See this image below:

Now let’s look at this image of the benefits of filtered water:

A quality water filter can make the difference between average tasting water and great tasting water. It took me a few days to get used to the flavour. Be sure to rinse the filter thoroughly before use and that will help with the taste issue I believe.

I have one of these.

Mine came with 3 filters. Each lasts a certain amount of time before it needs replacing. I am still on the first considering how little I’ve used it. So I cannot estimate how long each will last.

Is this another scam? I don’t believe so. The bottled water market on the other hand is a scam, and I do not hide from this belief. Having bottled water is no guarantee it is healthier and the prices some companies charge is extortionate.

Filtered water is just a one off cost. You can buy filters that come with 3 spare. So you are looking at buying a filter every several months or so, depending how much you use it. Compared to the cost of bottled water you could save well over 50% of that money just buying 1 filter. And, the filter stays in the fridge to keep your water cold and refreshing.

Hopefully this is something you will consider. Water is more polluted now than ever, even though the water companies tell us it’s safe to drink I doubt it. Drinking tap water in considerable amounts is going to wreak havoc because of the metal content and fluoride content. All drinking water in taps in homes has fluoride, it is not a conspiracy or myth, it is fact.

Have a good day.

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