Bulgaria 🥵


“… eastern flank of the Balkans, and is bordered by Romania to the north, Serbia and North Macedonia to the west, Greece and Turkey to the south, and the Black Sea to the east.

Bulgaria lies to the west of the Black Sea and North of Turkey

The flag of Bulgaria. With a population of around 6.95 million and a GDP of around 174.998 billion. Using the Bulgarian lev as its currency. Bulgaria is an EU country.

Do you want a property in the sun?

It is a hot country to visit and in the summer you can guarantee you will be scorching. This is another EU country where the property prices are really low. They are probably no. 1 or 2 in terms of buying price. Again, following my Latvia post 👈, this country has investment opportunity. I would also recommend anyone thinking to invest to actually use the property in the summer or throughout the year. It saves having to pay for hotels and the such and can guarantee you can income when you are not there.

People always – in my opinion, especially people us Brits – look towards places like Spain for a holiday home or summer getaway or even retirement property. There is nothing wrong with that, it’s your choice. Places like the sunny beaches of Florida appeal to me more than Spain. But places like Bulgaria do too. They have various lovely properties from the skiing mountains to the hot beaches to the rural areas You are never far from essentials like shopping, post and pharmacies either. You might like to check this out, I found some ski apartments for as little as €35,000 and they were modern. They are great to rent out for a holiday too.

Some Great Locations in Bulgaria

The capital of Sofia is something to pay attention to. You should probably take the chance to visit the capital of all the countries you visit.

I typed ‘places to visit bulgaria’ when I was searching.. This will reveal tons of fascinating locations for you to see.

There are a ton of beach resorts – https://visitmybulgaria.com/the-10-best-bulgaria-family-beach-resorts/#:~:text=%20The%2010%20best%20Bulgaria%20beach%20resorts%20,smaller%20coastal%20town%2C%20we%E2%80%99ve%20got%20the…%20More%20

You will find cheap holidays, all inclusive packages which is by far the best and only option to consider. Why go abroad and pay for things when you can just pay a lump sum and get it all included? That will usually include flights too.

Flight Times and Costs

5 hours is around the quickest time to get to Sofia. However the flight costs are appearing to be volatile and unpredictable when I search. The imaginary flights I searched for were in September although that is not summer to me, so if you booked for next summer now it would likely be considerably cheaper. £81 is not bad, but includes the stress of changing at an airport en route. I don’t like this idea of changing flights, it’s not economical to do so. However the prices are still reasonable. I based it on a week away as I can’t imagine going this far abroad for a few days. There is still hotel costs to calculate unless you are lucky enough to have a friend there who will let you stay with them… 😜


Thank you for reading this post. I find Bulgaria is a lovely place and worth the visit. I went with my parents as a child. I hope you will go too and enjoy it. I do wish to return and try to visit some of the resort or ski locations sometime in the future.

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