More TV Shows You Might Like #2

Welcome to part 2 of TV shows you might like. I have watched all the shows I recommend and as such I rate them 5 stars. Yesterday in my post on worthwhile TV shows I forgot some gems which I will now cover. As such enjoy and maybe you will check them out, if you do let me know whether you liked them or not!

1)Z Nation Absolute blast of a TV series – more fun than the WD. 100% rewatchable. 5 seasons of pure fun. 5th season was the last, and wasn’t as good, but I suspect it had had enough and in my opinion peaked at season 3. Hilarious.

2)Mr Mercedes – Watched on Starzplay and reviewed a few years ago. 100% still recommend the series. Thrilling, tense, good cop chasing bad guy classic stuff based on the Stephen King novels.

3)Deadwood – Old west dramatic fun, good acting, writing and direction. Not a new show but worth a look!

4)House – Excellent medical drama, a good amount of seasons, drama and ‘action’ by way of medical emergencies.

5)American Horror Story – A show for true horror fans, be scared by a wide range of freaky nightmarish episodes and seasons. A continuing cast of excellent actors. I really enjoyed, but have to watch the rest of 1984 still!

Finally we end on a brief list of honourable mentions! Rick and Morty, The Walking Dead, Oz, Stranger Things, WestWorld. I am sure there are plenty of others I’ve missed. But oh well, enjoy!

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