I Bought an ‘Action Camera’

I went into town today and decided to spend some money. I ended up spending more than I wanted and it did cost a lot more than expected for the things I bought. I managed to get some books including a self help book, a new approach to changing your life apparently.

More about this camera. I won’t mention the brand but it is 4k video and photo small recording device. It was second hand and did come with the waterproof cover and charger, but I didn’t realise that it didn’t come with an SD card until I got home so had to buy one, arriving tomorrow. There was a small bag of accessories with it but obviously things were missing, so not that useful. The camera is small so I can easily hold it in my hand whilst walking. I do intend to record something tomorrow whilst walking around to test it out.

I paid £39.99 for this second hand video action camera… do you think that was too much considering it didn’t come with much else? I couldn’t even complete the base of the waterproof cover, so will probs not be able to add a stick as it is missing the parts. It looks like the one in the image above. I laughed a little but at least I can now record when the zombies are chasing me for my own personal diaries.

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