Wax Burners – Wellbeing at Home

This is a post about the use of wax burners in the home to create a nice scented atmosphere which can be conducive to your mental and physical wellbeing.

The other day I bought this wax burner ๐Ÿ‘‡ from Amazon, it was fairly cheap around ten pounds, with an elephant design which I liked. It is nice and small and fits well on my living room window ledge which is where I usually burn candles.

What exactly is a wax burner? Well I wasn’t too sure either, I thought it was just a fancy candle holder. This holds a small tea light candle in the base which melts or heats anything you put into the bowl on top. These come in electric forms too, using lights and such to heat the substance. For the trial run I simply put some water and essential oil in the bowl and within an hour the smell filled the room. Also to note, be cautious is you use these as they got quite hot as the heat builds inside.

Rather than using just oil I decided to then purchase something called ‘wax melts.’ I have seen these before but never understood the use, because I never asked and they just looked like fancy chocolate if I am honest. I bought this small set of rose, jasmine, lavender and cherry ๐Ÿ‘‡ (please excuse the wet on the counter)

These wax melts were about 8 pounds which is fairly priced. I mixed 1 cube of lavender with 1 cube of jasmine this morning. They smell strong, filled the room quickly and were okay to make a nice aroma. They didn’t really smell quite like the scents they claim to be though, which is why I will stick to essential oil. They also claimed to be soy vegan, but not leaflet or indication in the package at all of this, or any listing of ingredients.

I recommend candles to anyone looking to improve well being at home, especially with scented candles. Wax burners tend to be stronger, and probably too much for some people. But having this nice smell can create a relaxing place to live, make it feel more welcoming and ultimately help to reduce stress and anxiety. If you make your own wax melts, great! Simple to make at home instructions can be found with a quick internet search!

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