World Parrot Day!

World parrot day! I hope all you bird lovers out there or parrot owners are having a great day. These are incredible looking creatures with vast wing spans and a large beak. They come in a variety of colours and have amazing personalities. They also get pretty big too.

There is around 372 species of parrot currently known! Most do live in tropical areas, such as the more hotter climates. As mentioned their beaks are quite big, but they are also curved, and they have real strong clawed feet for gripping. Parrots are highly intelligent which might explain why they are so popular among exotic pet keepers, as they can sometimes talk or mimic a human voice, which is something a lot of birds can do. When I say they are popular as pets, budgies and cockatiels are a type of parrot which is commonly kept in the home. The age range is also vast as some species are known to live as long as 80 years! Blimey.

Definitely one of the more interesting species of birds in existence. Please consider looking at the site below for more information.

Photo by Petr Ganaj on

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