I Create my own Wellbeing

Tango Dark Berry, new fruit sugar free flavour. Priced at Sainsburys. Relatively sweet, lacking artificial flavour. Reminds me of Cider Dark Fruits.

Wellbeing – [noun] “the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy.” Being uncomfortable, unhealthy or unhappy is to be in/or with a state of flux. Not in harmony [noun]” the combination of simultaneously sounded musical notes to produce a pleasing effect.” The sound of harmonising the body and mind, at a frequency @ below > range for normal from 62-68hz.

  • Human body: 72-90 MHz
  • Brain: 72-90 MHz
  • Neck and above: 72-78 MHz
  • Neck and below: 60-68 MHz
  • Thyroid glands: 62-68 MHz
  • Thymus gland: 65-68 MHz
  • Heart: 67 – 70 MHz
  • Lungs: 58-65 MHz
  • Liver: 55-60 MHz

Remember frequency varies between objects, substance, oils at 320hz (rose) and 118hz (lavender) and 147hz (frankincense). Variations that fall below 62hz would result in illness. Disease starts at 58hz, not very low at all, slight variation from the base setting.

  • Disease: starts at 58 MHz
  • Colds/Flu: starts at 57-60 MHz
  • Epstein Barr: starts at 55 MHz
  • Cancer: starts at 42 MHz
  • Death: starts at 25 MHz
  • Fresh food and herbs: 20-27 Hz
  • Dried food and herbs: 15-22 Hz
  • Processed or canned food: 0 Hz

What does wellbeing mean to you? For me it means trying to be content. Peace gained from inner strength and content mind and body. Awareness. Angelic protection.

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