International Tea Day ’22

When do we want it? Now! When do we want it? Now! International Tea Day has graced us with the free pass to divulge in tea all day in honour of this wonderful experience. If you are as British as me, then you will totally know what I mean when I say “let’s have tea.”

Truly though, the world has gone mad. Once upon a time there was a brilliant genius somewhere lost in time, who decided that tea was worth the labour. It is indeed a labour of love to grow and brew and drink tea. Black tea, English tea, Chinese tea, chamomile, green, chai, honey, elderberry, herbal varieties galore and good old fashioned Yorkshire Tea.

I like to drink elderberry and echinacea when I am feeling under the weather and teas like lemon, ginger and manuka honey. I recommend Pukka for the best variety although I’ve tried other brands like Twining’s. There are so many brands offering unique teas. You can also buy it loose, or bagged. To be environmentally friendly it makes sense to get loose tea leaves.


Boil, brew and chew it

sip, clink spoon, and drink

settle, relieve metal and digest

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