Magical Thinking

Freedom of expression: can mean you don’t like what you hear. Magical thinking cannot take away disease or pain. Dash of reality for the crazies out there.

I want to talk about an extremely important and overlooked aspect of society which has become so prevalent and rampant that it has led to mass delusion. It has shifted thousands, millions of people into states of mind of being willfully ‘dumb.’ Now you might not like some of the content I post, and I can guarantee some of you might not like this post. I am going to explain what ‘magical thinking’ is, and why it is dangerous. If you think you may be offended don’t read on. I will even be going at my own belief in God here, so I am not exempt from this.

So, magical thinking. We are all taught basic things from school, some go on to further education and other gain professions which require a lot of brain power, like doctors. I want to start by referencing the above quote at the top, which I wrote. ‘Magical thinking cannot take away disease or pain.’ I think you will find every reputable doctor in the country would agree with that. No matter what you believe, you will not cure end stage organ failure, you will not cure cancer which has spread through your body, you will not cure dementia or migraines or any other physical illness through the power of belief. Nor will the use of special herbs or magic help. Magical thinking is to detract in its entirety from the reality. The reality is, the disease is killing you, and you need to get treatment. I am not referring to physical illness in that last sentence, but the act or being of magical thinking. Sure, supplementing is great and exercise is great. Many things have evidence and studies behind them.

Magical thinking is to have a need to believe that one’s hopes and desires can have an effect on how the world turns. The belief in ghosts, signs, patterns, that can be found. Unfounded connections, synchronicities. Thinking it is significant, which is what people then connect to real-life events. Because children are taught essentially (excuse this) bullshit fantasy make-belief from a young age, at which stage they absorb like sponges, with creations like Santa, the easter bunny, heaven, happy ever after. Other tools in the bucket of magical thinking include the idea that a child can be safe if they leave a light on, or have toys with them. The children are fantasy machines, and we should not be teaching them bullshit. They eventually learn it was all lies, yet they then have kids, and tell them the same bullshit. Why? As if a monster is under their bed. As if the light will stop someone breaking in an murdering the entire family. The only upside is that fantasy or magic can boost creativity in children.

Some typical signs are belief in the supernatural. Why would a house be haunted? Objects, people, place? In Middle Eastern countries people hang the blue eye to ward off curses. It is a popular object and I saw many when I travelled there. What about the people crossing their fingers for luck? I want to rationalise with them, really, but they are beyond help if they think that walking under a ladder is bad luck. Coincidences can reinforce this dangerous thing, like thinking you are looking for a friend, only for them to call you or turn up. Such beliefs can also cause the placebo effect, meaning that someone can believe something even when it is not real, like the well-known sugar pill experiment. We can go deeper into the mind of the delusional being, wearing a lucky pair of socks, touching an object for luck, being extra cautious because it is bad luck to rush…

Now the hard part about religion and God. I have that belief so this is hard for me too. But religion is full of magical thinking. Spirits, ghosts, angels, demons, rituals, hidden knowledge, enlightenment (bullshit), souls. Praying to a higher power for a job when you could go and apply for one. Thanking God because you won an award, sorry, did you thank something else for your hard work which was rewarded? Come on. I don’t see these people thanking their neighbours.

The second biggest magical thinking sector has to be new age beliefs, the belief in the occult, the belief in healing energy and stones, meditation to stop pain an cure illness, feng shui, singing to achieve happiness, the belief that money will come to you if you just ask for it, the belief that mantras and new age bullshit like pagan practices will somehow get you a better life. Although it is nice to think all of this, it is magical thinking. Just like the new age belief that you create the world, and can change it through thought. The belief that somehow the trauma you suffered and the abuse is part of a plan to make you stronger and you brought that on yourself. Listen, carefully. You did not bring anything bad on yourself, that was the evil people doing it to you. You do not change your life by simply thinking it, you have to actually do it.

I hope you can all understand this is a hard post to write, because it is so prevalent that if you try to challenge it, people become defensive and scared, When you accept this form of thinking as being counter-productive, you will probably see a change for the better.

I would wish you a wonderful day, but I don’t need to, you are already having a wonderful day!

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