Atoms & The Quest for the Meaning of Life

I grabbed a copy of The Particle Zoo by Gareth Hesketh from the local library last month. Sadly not got around to reading any yet, so had to extend the loan. I will get round to it tonight if possible. It looks like a fascinating book, the search for the fundamental nature of reality, filled with scientific diagrams and pictures and charts of bosons and tau and more. I think I will learn something. I haven’t really studied science since school. I know we learn continuously but I am selective about what I learn about, as I am sure some of you are too. I don’t like to fill my mind with useless nonsense. I do believe in atoms, and this book was perfect. I wanted to read something about quantum mechanics and perhaps a book that outlined the sub-level of reality, what is behind the scenes. I was already aware of atoms and the cellular level etc, but digging deeper might reveal something more interesting. I suppose searching the earth for the answer to reality is a good start, especially if atoms make up matter itself.

Greetings and have a lovely wonderful Tuesday.

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