Exposition Delinquent (Explicit Mature Content)

I added that the above words in brackets (Explicit mature content) in case any minors might read. Hard to believe they would enter such a dark and controversial site, right? You know what I used to say to people upset by swear words or sex references? Nothing. We all get offended or upset now and again. Just try and do it a bit quieter – that is a joke! Everyone can be offended at some point, but taking precautions can prevent that or possibly reduce the damage. The biggest sauce (sauce, get it?) of crazy content is the news.

I am not posting this to cause alarm or distress but since being over-exposed to rude, abusive females on twitter who do nothing but talk about erotica and sex and slander males… I had to. Yes I respect women and the sacred coming together of masculine and feminine, but I do not condone sexist abusive hate toward the male species because you think that they hate women and want to use them sexually, which is not true… not for all of them anyway. Stand together as family.

Deep did she take thy cock

used it like a gob-stopper

a wheel chock

drizzling magical daze

dripping down her face

how she liked to play with my stock!

Yes I do like this music.

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