Breaking The Ice – The Depp v Heard Case

It is one of the biggest cases in Hollywood. Johnny Depp v Amber Heard. It has gone on for some years and I want to give my stupid opinion on it. Stupid? Yeah, because as mentioned in a previous post, people shout abuse and hate when you make more sense then they do.

Everybody seems to have jumped onto Depp’s side in this case. I really have no idea why. The evidence so far has show him to be an alcoholic and drug user, who punched and headbutted Amber, had violent drug induced rages and more. Yet, people still think she is the cause.

You know not long ago, during the Will Smith Oscars fiasco, people jumped to his side for assaulting a man because he was defending his wife apparently. Well, why are they not jumping to Amber Heard’s side, brave enough to speak out? I also posted on twitter that the evidence from the trial is actually support Her case more than His. Yet, people got angry commenting things like I need to improve thinking skills. You know, I didn’t side with either one of them, I highlighted what was being revealed in the case. This is the sort of brainwashed nonsense that happens when people jump on a bandwagon with zero knowledge of what has happened.

I stand with Amber Heard. I stand against abuse against women. Amber is seeking help. This case highlights the fact women can be treated so badly and nothing will happen. This is a defamation case, although Amber Heard should consider other options.

What do you think? People jump on the wagon of the most popular celebrity to garner social gossip.

9 thoughts on “Breaking The Ice – The Depp v Heard Case

  1. Well, there are some of us who don’t care because it’s purely sensationalism. I’m not a gossip girl. Nobody cared when this happened in my family. I don’t care about this.

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  2. I didn’t know about the depp case till I saw it on TikTok. I don’t know the facts of the case so, I can’t say anything. Most people don’t even know what’s going on but still go around discussing it online.

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  3. Many people are “sheeple”. They are on Depp’s side because it’s the status quo. The whole thing is a fiasco, but Depp definitely isn’t innocent. Mental abuse is abuse.

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