The smallest flock of animals that you ever met

and the friendliest of elephants you will ever pet

waiting for them to beget one another 

such happy faces and big smiles

making all the dough, not so worthwhile

falling into the trap of love for the job

rising so early full of energy

making a core duty to be the best

yet, being replaced by a big mess

tricked into the wrong move

a lot of things began to move, south

into a puddle of dirty water...
... when I returned

to death

to betrayal

pain and hope

my undying soul

shot in the mouth

still, managing to walk around

why did I bother letting you bastards in.

You think that we all want to play this game

just so you can make all the blame

worth while

I don't give a damn about your indentations 

or your delusional procrastinations

but leave the good people to their own dreams

where it means, a lot to them
under the thumb 

pulling the trigger on the gun

the only way out

white flash

not a lash

no more, got to dash.

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