Increase Traffic To Your Blog

Welcome to Psychedelic Wizard, and thank you for taking the time to check out todays post on increasing traffic to your blog.

Creating relevant content – We have reviewed briefly the importance of creating interesting posts with passion. However, the content itself needs to be relevant to what people want to read. If your site focuses on specific areas, like poetry, creating relevant content can be as easy as changing the type of poetry that you post. Relevant content may include recent changes in news, lifestyle content or similar. Whatever the topic, relevance and engagement are significant factors to increasing traffic.

Guest blogging – You might have been blogging solo for some time and if that is the case, to further promote a blog, consider inviting a guest post. Guest blogging can double or even triple your website traffic, because when that guest posts to your site, it attracts their followers or usual visitors to your site. On top of this, they will likely share the post on their site, which will again increase your sites exposure. If traffic is important to you, consider a guest post once in a while, or maybe consider other ways to invite guests to your blog.

Social media promotion – WordPress allows you to connect social media sites like twitter. You can then write a post on WordPress and it will automatically post it to the social media website. You can also do it the other way round, so anything you post on twitter will be seen on your site as a feed. This is a great way to increase traffic to your site. Other platforms such as YouTube could prove useful if you have a site with a lot of video content.

That is 3 great ways to consider promoting your website or blog further. Remember, a passion should not become a full time occupation unless you think you will still enjoy it, as work and play are very different things. Just as an artist might paint for a pastime, as soon as they decide to become a full time painter as a job, they might find very little joy in it anymore.

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