James Bond Fan (Who Loves The Movies)

I had to make a post because I just switched Amazon Prime on to find the new James Bond movie has been added. That’s right folks, No Time To Die is now available for prime video customers.

It gets better, as they have added all the all the other James Bond movies! A View To A Kill is one of my favourites! They even added the comedy spoof original Casino Royale with Peter Sellers and David Niven! They added Never Say Never Again, not even technically a Bond movie, but nonetheless classed as a remake of Thunderball! I absolutely love the movies and have watched them all many times since I was a child. It really is my favourite movie franchise. I would say I spent a considerable amount of my childhood nights watching and rewatching the movies. Heroes don’t come in many forms, but James Bond is the best regardless.

Now I have got that out the way… do you like James Bond? Which Bond is your favourite? Which movies are your favourite? I love A view to a Kill, The Living Daylights, Goldfinger, Diamonds are Forever, Never Say Never Again, Skyfall, Goldeneye, and all of them!

3 thoughts on “James Bond Fan (Who Loves The Movies)

  1. I love them too. It’s hard to pick a favourite but View To A Kill has to be up there because of Christopher Walken.

    In the 1970’s we didn’t have a colour tv so we went round to a friend’s house to watch when they came on, usually a Christmas. Live and Let Die was my favourite as a kid.

    And when I saw dad, we’d go to the cinema and watch a double bill with Roger Moore – Diamonds Are Forever and Gold. I was only about 10 but I guess he didn’t know what else to do with me! Happy memories though.

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    1. Wow that’s great. View to a kill is probably my favourite, one of the greatest films ever made. I think the new Daniel Craig era has been a complete overhaul and some of it uncomfortable to witness!


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