The Honour

At some point in life we endure hardship. People will mock, criticise and laugh in your face and at that point, know that you are on the road to success.

“The only way to succeed is to make others hate you”

Josef Von Sternberg

The cruel and mean behaviour directed at you is clearly indicative that you are doing well in life or that you are disheartening them in some way. If you did not bother them with your success or ambition, they would not bother you. You are a personal threat to them and that propels them to hunt you down. Anger, fear, jealousy and self-hatred drive the negative individuals insane with obsession, as they are more interested in attacking the strong than looking in the mirror.

When you reach for something more, or desire something else in life and start to ride that journey to a greater place, inevitably and sadly, evil will always be there. As the above quote says, to succeed in life is to make others hate you and it is not a conscious effort. I too have felt the effects of this and it can be wide reaching, meaning you might have experienced it and wondered why. That doesn’t make it right, in fact, quite the opposite. You will find those responsible never aim for something more than they are, they are content to be mundane and boring, and so anything remotely better than them will cause actual feelings of self hate, and one can only pity them.

You need to merely distance yourself and you find that they are too cowardly to do anything about it. They seek to undermine and ruin your life, or so they try, and fail. Honour of the ambitious and the self love and reliance which drives us is enough to be that warrior whos soul is pure and whos mind is clear and driven. Integrity in the successful would be developed and mere fallacies will not phase them. Being honest with yourself is important too as you need to be able to understand your own being and those who spew negativity are detached from honesty, just as they are detached from understanding themselves causing confusion and weakness within them.

Honour the shield of my soul

building our rampart

standing steadfast on the gate

small weeds that grow around the garden shed

the light of the sun illuminated my bed

you face the roads ahead

you have the strength of mountains

and the courage of the lion

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