Breakfast Suggestion – Vegan!

It is time for you all to try this most excellent of breakfast suggestions. It is vegan, it is tasty, it is cheap and it is easy to make. Do you need me to convince you to try it?

I use seeded the seeded batch bread, a superb and tasty choice for this breakfast option. So what is the suggestion?

Avocado and tomato on toast

Simple but effective. I guarantee you will enjoy it. I’ll come on to the different drinks that may go well with this vegan dish.

Ingredients are easy to source. Avocados should be nice and soft and almost mushy if you squeeze it. I would suggest using 2 whole avocados to get the most out of this, the amount you use is entirely down to you. 2 slices of toast. Don’t use white bread, try something better like the seeded bread or whole meal. Use anything! I just like to see people using the wide array of bases out there. Of course, need some vegan butter. I am using an olive spread at the moment which is one of my go to choices to butter my toast. I recommend for the tomatoes either – cherry tomatoes, the small things, although they may not be as easy to slice or the big normal tomatoes. Big tomatoes allow you to slice them and there is more for you to use. I also use peanut butter, simply because it bulks up the toast and gives it extra flavour. For those who eat eggs, you might enjoy topping this delight with a fried egg, easy over!

What to do?

Make sure the toast is not hard, rather it should have some flexibility still. Butter them, liberally, apply the layer of peanut butter… if using that. Next fry the tomatoes, make sure you slice them in half or you could slice them into pieces and fry them. Using the avocado you can do a few things, smash it into a spreadable substance or simply place slices of it on the layer of peanut butter. Next, add those sliced tomatoes. Add pepper and salt to taste. I actually like to add turmeric when frying tomatoes. I also recently discovered some vegan sausages which are soft and succulent and would make a great addition to this. Like I said, it is simple but I find it really satisfying and filling.

My other post on egg filled fried tomato recommended adding whole wheat toast with avocado. I actually recommend as it is tasty, to simply combine the dishes. There will be a lot of tomato. Of course, vegans can replace the eggs with an alternative. There is a multitude of options, like hash browns – brilliant! Beans, bigger mushrooms, pancakes (?), bagels instead of normal bread.


As a side, classic says go with some variety of fruit. Maybe a bowl or strawberries or blueberries, a bunch of chopped banana, some yoghurt, some muesli cereal.

You could even have a side of those vegan sausages I mentioned, slice them and stuff them with herbs and garlic butter? Radical ideas change things… okay maybe stuffing sausages is far fetched but I would. A small portion of lentils or beans, like kidney beans or black eyed beans. Tofu , although I find it tasteless, can be tasty if you put enough flavour into it, and only eat small amounts.


  1. Coffee – so many flavours and strengths, one of the biggest markets in the world of trade. Decaffienated, whole, mild, intense, pure Arabica, a simple insta coffee maybe? After choosing the variety, you then have options in how to drink. Black coffee, no milk or alternatives. Have milk, oat milk, almond, hemp. White or brown sugar, honey or sweeteners? It’s so fascinating when you explore the options.
  2. Fruit juice or smoothie – Absolute go to choice for a lot of people is orange juice. With bits or without? Apple juice works well too. I said smoothie since fruit is used in these. Load up the pineapple, cherries and bananas and liquid of choice and get that pumpin’ boost ready for your breakfast. My preferred option, but I might also have a cup of decaf coffee with it!
  3. Water – You made it this far and now you want simplicity. It falls from the sky ladies and gentlemen so if you like a tasty water for breakfast, go right ahead. Sparkling water or flavoured?
  4. Teas – I love being British because we have so many teas available. From the normal black teas, to green, chai, turmeric, earl grey (I love this at breakfast), English breakfast! The list is huge and what tea you choose for breakfast is up to you. Lavender tea is fine!

So, there you have it. A simple and tasty meal for the start of the day. To all those vegans out there trying to be better people by avoiding animal products, well done. I really enjoy the idea of being vegan, sometimes though, it can seem like I am in the minority although plenty of you are out there. It is a choice that only you can make. I recommend it for health and to boost well being.

Harmonising resonance.

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