Well Done! Target Attained!

Welcome to psychedelic Wizard. A massive thank you to the fantastic hundreds of followers of this site. You have been with me for some time.

It is wonderful to see so many new faces following me. I love to explore new sites and read everyones interesting work and thoughts!

Just under 2 weeks ago I set a target to reach 500 followers. Today marks the achievement of that. I am so glad to be connected with all you wonderful beings.

I can’t express how much it means to be able to have humans read my works and follow me. I am so humble to your devotion and kindness.

It can be tough at times, this site has helped me through thick and thin. Way, way back in November 2015, I was in a place where nothing seemed to matter anymore. I started this site. I also started writing a novel. I kept up with the blogging occasionally until a few years ago when I started to dedicate more hours to it. It has grown with me as I studied for a law degree. It has grown alongside my life… poems that reflect changing mindset, development and realisation.

I shed a tear, but that is all you get.

Peace and love from the Wizard. May your dreams come true. X

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