The Immortal Prison

A tale of a boy trapped within a dream for 40 years.

Trapped at 11
Released at 51
Spent a lifetime fighting the pain
Had enough gain
To learn how to train
Many days skiing
Many nights spying
So much more
To this lie
And released on bail
What did he learn?
That it was too long
That the rain was poison
Sunlight was fire
And each breath, Jesus’ beginning

As I have talked about this before, acceptance, one of the most difficult things in the world second to forgiveness. My post on healing the heart may help. This page has an interesting article on it (

To accept, we have to acknowledge and be aware of the issue that we may be trying to get past, either consciously or unconsciously. Embracing and being, and accepting, being, seeing, as the boy did, and believing as he did when he returned.

A part of the song below which will not display for some reason. (Ravenskill, Dream Theater) has lyrics that are:

“I can’t go back
Hope fades away with each passing second
(Gabriel enters and Faythe embraces him.)
Faythe: Lost in this moment

Is where I want to stay
This can’t be broken
We need to find a way”

Do you understand what is happening in this scene? Is it too late or is it an illusion? Do they accept or deny the resolutions staring them in the face.

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