Stuffing Thy Gobbo

Rich salty punch

rice fried

beef chewy

mind blowing sauce

black bean delight

elegant spring rolls

such garbled ecstasy

 I thoroughly enjoy

I Will Be everything I can be

because I have a huge Cantonese meal in me!

So today I went out after my criminal law tutorial for a coffee. The cafe is lovely. I also read a paper. Every paper is focusing on one event right now so is quite hard to actually read any news.

Yesterday I bought the new Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City movie, which I watched last night, and I must say… it was terrific and awesome. I also bought Batman: The Killing Joke, which I have wanted to watch for some time!

This evening I went to a take out restaurant which does Chinese/Cantonese food. I took the meal home although in hindsight I should have sat in because it was empty around 6:15pm! Lovely food for a brilliant price. I will sit in and review it properly. I will also review the above movies soon. Talking about the Batman films, they have a wide array of animated DC movies which you should try out! Just as does the Resident Evil movies! Don’t miss out on a movie because it isn’t mainstream!

Much love and peace.

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