Silently, He Knows How The Path is Formed

Silently, He knows how the path is formed

and courage and faith come beaming from His heart

light that can blast through the dark

and deep yearning to wonder and why

there He goes, soul that is all so brave

could He make you stay another day?

No regrets from that path

all but one is formed

staying true to the gilded hand

stitching a belief that is isolated

depreciation of the life

an He still carries on

build a world that is so full of love

what a journey it must take

He has never forgot how to reach for the stars...

*Song is by Dream Theater (No surprise, if you read my posts you may notice I use their songs often.

The Poem is about a few things. One of those is about this eternal internal and external struggle to accept out true nature, and the nature of reality, sitting in front of our eyes.* 

A song to demonstrate the point

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