Can You See

Can you see?

see the now

see what is in front of you

not that behind

or that which lies ahead

echoes of a distant crying baby

the exotic chirp of the most elegant of poultry


or denying

for you are my staff

I am your support

crafting and pledging

stilting and melting

our hearts together

can you see now?
I think this song is beautiful. Agree?

Today I managed to buy some pure rose essential oil from a shop in Bramhall, Cheshire. I loved the town, it had some great old buildings and architecture and a good array of shops. It was quiet though. I also went into a café for food. They offered a vegetarian option which was great, no vegan option though.

I also went into another shop which specialised in eco foods, cannot recall the name though, although apparently a shop just opened up near me.

I also bought a book, from 1987 called Consider Phlebas by Iain M. Banks. Hopefully it provides me with a good night time read.**

The wizard sends you His love and affection. He prays for you daily and is working hard to make life easier for those less fortunate.

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