Finding every moment as hard as walking on broken glass

Taking a moment to go back to a special time

When the skies were blue and I knew you

Pushed into a world of adventure and exploration

Discovering my true nature

Heart of gold and soul of light

And my space friends so close

With me every step of the way

But my mind is not here now

Forging ahead and pushing through thorny bushes

Petals that weep and sow into soil

A love of the longing

What cannot be recalled

And what cannot be determined

Maybe the future was as good as I thought

Or maybe its already happened

Because I know a time past

Which was much better than this

At last

Accepting and moving

In the right direction

To trade positions

To think about imposition

To give a winking disposition…

… to your Highness

Or curling beaver queue rabid dexterity

Oblong sincerity

Nighttime, austerity

Thinking about that raptured

Boiling from within

Burst at the seam

Seemingly the one

Enduring the pain and hurting

And the brunt force of the anger

Of the red ivy soaring across your chakra

Green milky cloud sawdust

Smoke of the rainbows

The peperit matrem suam

O’ where are thou

Hiding in the shower

Just cower?

Coveting the thin veil

Thinly wrapped over that mouth of shame

Naming the blame on the end of the others

That boy and that child

They don’t care about wild

Or that they came from the abyss

Out of chaos

Came form and shape

And all that you will take

Into life

Is from the bottom

Of your insecure hearts

Or the start of your longing backwards despair

Because deep down you know that He cares

A long time ago

Back in the time of bliss ignorance

Now transitioned to a future past

Forgetting the best that we had

You can’t get it back

Nor would I want to

Dreams are dark

Have desires of lust

For the bad has seeped even those

And now, he can’t carry on

So bless him

He will say his farewell

And as pain dissipates

So will his body


Eternal peace.

*Find the above song for your pleasure. It helps to solidify some of the meaning I tried to convey in this prose. I hope you can understand some themes and messages that I am trying to pass to you.*

*Find another Dream Theater song below which also conveys some important themes.* The Images and Words album really is something out of this world. It is a timeless album with some of the best songs ever made on it.

*We’d all like to fly in a dream forever, or for a considerable time, I am sure of that. Joe Satriani can help us to drift into eternity. Thanks*

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