The Secret Life of Walter Mitty – Movie Review!

“Walter Mitty (Stiller) oversees analogue photographic images for Life magazine; he’s an outwardly quiet, sensible man, who carefully manages his income so he can support his widowed mother (Shirley MacLaine) and his sister (Kathryn Hahn). Many of Mitty’s colleagues mock him for being boring but, inside his head, he regularly embarks on fantastical exploits that are invariably intended to win the heart of a more sympathetic colleague, Cheryl (Wiig). However, real life is about to catch up with his fantasies. The search for a missing photographic negative will impel Mitty to set out on an adventure-packed global quest to track down the photo’s elusive photographer (Penn), and also bring him closer to the woman he secretly loves”

Release date: December 2013

Director: Ben Stiller

Run time: 1 hr 54 mins

IMDB: 7.3/10

A lighthearted comedy romance focused on one man and his elaborate and fantasy filled life, soon taking a turn for the better when he is forced to go on a real world adventure. Long gone are the daydreams plaguing Walter, here comes a brave tale of one man who frightfully mirrors a lot of people in the real world, including myself.

He works as a photograph processor for Life magazine, he is kind and visibly shy or quite. He takes his job seriously and has been processing pictures in a series for wild adventurer Shaun who is on the move sending photos to Walter for the magazine. We Can see early on his issues with confidence, he isn’t even confident enough to wink at a woman he likes on his dating site that he uses and he also pays someone to manage his profile for him. It is part comedy, but also given the nature of the way he is disrespected at work, we know he just wants a quite life. He lives in his head, daydreaming of saving people, of making himself a superhero, of doing good. This is to bypass his life in reality, to make it easier, or maybe he can’t help it.

His mother and sister know of this zoning out as Walter calls it. His name has become associated with those who dream of being something they are not, such as fake war heroes which have been referred to as Walter Mittys. The story takes a great turn when somewhat boring Walter is forced to go looking for a missing photograph or get fired by his bully boss. It takes him to Greenland where he takes the decision to then go by helicopter to Iceland, and from there beyond, involving a huge mountain.

We can see that his work is important and he is doing all this for work and it is slightly saddening, but as he continues his adventure, such as a lovely and wonderful skateboard downhill in the most scenic part of the movie, we see him moving from the work to actually enjoying himself. Toward the end of the film, he climbs the mountain, encounters Shaun, by chance, and at that point I knew that work was no in his mind.

The pair sit there waiting for a snow leopard, referred to as a ghost, the pair, Shaun and Walter, take in the moment and Walter realises what matters in life. That the moment there, where the picture isn’t taken, is more important to take a chance to get there and enjoy than to waste it worrying. Nonetheless, he as learned a valuable lesson. He is informed that the missing photograph was already sent to him in a wallet which he discarded. He does not know what the picture is.

After returning home, he hands the picture to his ex boss, even though he was fired, he persevered and completed Shauns work for him. Leaving a legacy at Life magazine despite losing his job. It is a really heart felt ending. As Walter, seemingly closer to the woman he loves, comes to see the picture on the Life magazine. The final photo was of Walter, dedicated to all those at Life magazine. This is such a lovely moment and is so so perfect when considering his old boss didn’t even know the company motto, and Walter in the end had the courage to stand up for what is right. He took the higher ground by giving the photo over, by accepting who he is.

I think this film was under appreciated when I first saw it. I think it is worth it.

Rating: 4/5

Rating: 4 out of 5.

One thought on “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty – Movie Review!

  1. Heck yeah I loved this story. Kinda fantasised doing the same thing because I watched this movie during a down moment in my life. And the universe would bless me with a few years of adventure, so yeah, this movie brings back memories. Thanks for this post, and good luck to you on reaching 500 subscribers!

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