The Whole Truth and Nothing But The Truth

I am here to confess so deep from my heart what I have been going through since December.

I have been going through rehab since December and for 2 months and it is now coming to an end I hope. Even though I’ve pushed on working from home as part of my course, I am hoping to get back onto campus.

It has been so tough, been left alone with no support. I had to come from the dark and find myself again, realising that nothing can help me but myself. That isn’t revelation, it is fact. No system or people will help you simply because they do not care.

That is right, people and the systems in place designed to help those in need, do not care. You have to realise that in order to start helping yourself. My last post about self employment touches on companies offering no freedom, they do not care. You are better off working for yourself, better off medicating yourself, and better off doing what you want.

So, the journey is hard and I wish I had support but it is not existent. Try and question or look into what the facilities are, or what the system is and you will find a blackhole, there is nothing. Essentially it is a money pit, a front, a money laundering criminal enterprise.

Be strong brothers and sisters, unite with me and be strong together, enjoy each others company and pleasures.

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