To Infinity

Withering through the gap

you forget your own hat

on top of the crown

most elegant of gowns

I cannot be with you this moment present

but, present is with you

prayer and protection

losing your direction

were you found?

How I wish I could pull you from the evil fire

shunt all those evil into blackened...

maybe grab someone from Tyre

are you going higher?

I am forever sending positive thoughts

love that seeps from the heart

intention of good that reaps the soul

you'll never be in danger

if you walk away

turn them down

let live another day

God bless your life

so that you may smile today

and laugh tomorrow


I Hope You Are Okay

I hope you are okay

that the wind and the rain

will wash away

your tears and your pain

that the sun, may make it a sunny day

for you

and that out there in the vastness of time and space

healing and being

your eyes gleaning

a smile

silent and weak

I am here

now and do not be afraid

there is someone

who cares

Sunday Round Down

The below poem is called: When The Heart Is Divine

Mystical magical fantasia

slippery slope of melting glacier

perfumed and tarted Anastasia

must have played the guitar in Asia

or suffering from a variety of aphasia

When The Heart is Divine was written as a tribute to the world of people out there fighting everyday for Good, doing the right thing. Not out of a sense of duty, but because they are genuinely good people. The people stirring up hatred and fear are in the minority and they are losing, they are very scared themselves and have taken strong measures to stay on top and to appear to be winning, but they are far from winning. They are losing. So stay true to your heart and know this;

Proverbs 15:3 The eyes of the Lord are in every place, keeping watch on the evil and the good.

He graced us with another early release.

Take Some Time To Treat Thyself

Love is the way of the brave

and fear and hate is the way of the damned

so take some time to reflect

into the pool of your soul

and treat it with respect

an unwritten command

the hidden commandment


I have been unwell this past week. Today I took the chance at approximately 7pm to go have a foot massage, simply because a) I wanted to show myself some love and care and b) I saw the Thai massage parlour before and it is next to that Indian restaurant I reviewed back in January.

My first impression was that this is a nice and lovely place. It has a good atmosphere. I was not expecting the foot massage to be so intense, it also involved working the lower legs. Most certainly feel better and the cramps in the legs have gone. I said to them I would go back next Friday for the Aroma Therapy massage. The kind lady then said I get £10 off . Absolutely amazing and I genuinely mean that since they say that they have not been busy today because people have less money.

What is this post about? it is about self love and care, something I do practice, but I never thought having a massage would count but obviously it does because I feel better. I actually had some human physical contact, the exact thing the human race has been told to avoid for 2 years. Come on, stop avoiding handshakes (I can however on the basis that barristers don’t shake hands, but that is a post for another day). Hug one another, kiss each other, do anything you want so long as you make contact. At this point, the lack of social interaction or physical contact is still present in society, some kind of love is desperately needed. Please, listen to this call and act.

I am excited that next week I’ll be going back for the Aroma Therapy since it is a whole body one, but I do not feel comfortable being naked, so hopefully not.

Song of Hope, the Song of Joy

This is the song of hope and joy

fatal slipping through

carcass and abyss

surrounded by evil beings

not to be point

but to be pointed at

repentance and sin

brutally washing away





come along

join the fun

a broken mind that sees disaster

all of the bad people


you pray for them

be well

taking forces on that cannot care

will not

wither in your ways

live life in the way

sunrise and sunny days.

Veganism Just Got a Whole Lot Better!

Goooooooooooodddd moooorrrnniiingggg Vietnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam!

My tarantula recently molted its exoskeleton and look so lovely and bright. She did it after only a month of her being here. Anyway, topic of the day is being a vegan once again!

In England we have a supermarket beginning with Co and ending in Op. Now, I do use this regularly. However since new year began I noticed they are now stocking this new brand/range of plant based products. Those products are in fact for Vegans.

So I took a fancy to them being vegan and all. I decided to analyse deeply the packaging and presentation. Immediately I could see the food stuff was a lot smaller than comparable meat products and at premium prices. This is a NEW BRAND which I have not encountered before, and I suspect a new company. So well done for getting your products into the big supermarket already. After some sneaky research into this plant based food company, it seems to be a part of the Coop, the very shop it is in.

See the source image

Now, vegan food producers need to stop charging ridiculous prices when you can get a meat alternative cheaper, and I mean a lot cheaper… 1KG of turkey for £7.99? Yes please. £3.00 for a small wrap which won’t fill you up? Not a chance, although I have been buying them. Yesterday I bought one of their vegan pizzas, and now I am cooking it as I type. You can see the picture of the box at the top of the page. I tried one of their cupcakes, a pack containing 2 which were small but did taste nice.

Yes we want that colourful and fun packaging and we want that plant based alternative vegan food, what we also need is a company to show some originality and understanding of the market. If you are like me you may be sad enough to get excited at the thought of shopping for fresh produce, especially in markets. Most vegans use fresh produce and these sorts of pre packaged goods are okay but usually appeal to people on the go, who have no other choice but to buy because the shop is all meat products and dairy (not uncommon).

Overall the products are good and I think the Coop is doing a good thing by trademarking and incorporating this new set of food stuffs. A lot of big franchises are now doing them too. McDonalds introduced the McPlant, which I must say is good and is value for money. Dominos and Papa Johns both have Vegan pizza and side options. More independent vegan restaraunts are popping up. It is foolish to not offer vegetarian and vegan options nowadays onto the menu of every establishment selling food in England and Wales and Scotland and Ireland.

It’s a fun game to play, until you realise that the market isn’t really catering for vegans, rather, capitalising by giving them highly processed food stuffs for high price mark ups and in return, customers think that they are getting the best in the world and continue to fuel the hypocrisy.

Praise the change from the big franchises offering affordable alternatives, like McDonalds, who I WILL PRAISE. Give a shout out to others like TGI Fridays who are offering vegan options. Come on big food companies! Give us at least one or two options otherwise you won’t make it past 2030!

PLants based peace. xxxx