Good Morning

Good morning followers, humans, earth dwellers, bee biters, cow sucklers and coffee and tea lovers!

I’m up early today. I woke up at 4:30am because last night I decided to suddenly fall asleep around 8pm. I didn’t get up at 4:30am, I simply lay there fading in and out of consciousness until 6:30 when I decided to get ready for the day.

I think I have been struggling with depression as I cannot fathom going back onto my university campus. I’ve not been there for over a month. Granted we had the break over new year, but still… I think at this point the work from home is a mask to my anxiety. I did manage to produce a sort of skeleton argument for the crown court trial though… an application to adduce evidence of bad character. I am prosecuting at 5pm today. I think the fee is £350. It is all a pipe dream though. I do like the law and would like to pass this course, I am putting my faith in God to help me. Maybe I am not smart enough for this. Yeah I got a degree but what does that mean, really?

Back to the day ahead. Since the crown court virtual trial is 5pm, I have plenty of time to do other things. I am still waiting for a few deliveries. My frogs I paid for couldn’t arrive last week since too cold to ship apparently. It is colder here now then last week. I wish they would just ship them, come on already! The tank is ready for them regardless. I did receive some more stuff for it yesterday, including springtails and a big bit of wood. Surprisingly the humidity is better with the wood in there. I also have a drainage layer which will aid that. It doesn’t tend to drop below 60%. Since there is no froglets in there yet, I would estimate that as OKAY.

^^**UPDATE**^^ Shop called me at 10am to confirm froglets will be shipped to arrive Thursday! This is excellent news, still colder here than last week though. Fruit flies arrived yesterday which will be the food source, I already have some crickets. Froglets are only 5cm, this tank will be huge for the pair of them! I also updated the tank… see below:-

I added the wood and wine and fake plant which is stuck to the side of the glass with a suction cup. humidity at 80%, temperatures at the moment at 23 Celsius, usually around 25, but I had window open a bit this morning.

Okay. Here I go. I have not had breakfast yet and am cautious to fast again since last time, I ended up ill requiring antibiotics. I would ideally like something plain Jane for breakfast, maybe some croissant with yoghurt. I also went back to the Harappa restaurant on Sunday, I went even spicier with a Nepali dish which both blew my mind and made me grateful I had gone back. For breakfast I am going to make some pasta, which has been my dinner for the last week, a new diet. I am still vegan remember. Perhaps having pasta for breakfast is good? I will add avocado to it and some thick juicy pasta sauce, tomato and garlic. I also started to add this Sacla vegan basil pesto, which is tasty. I wasn’t sure how to ‘cook’ it so after draining the pasta, I add the pasta back to the pan with about a teaspoon of the pesto, along with the pasta sauce. This actually works to bring the flavour out, although I think I may need to add more.

What time do you usually get up?

Do you usually have breakfast?

Do you usually have a shower in the morning?

To the last question; no I do not. I haven’t had a shower in the morning for a long time, barr this recent time in the last 4 months which I do not care for. I do think shower the night before it better, because in the morning we want our natural oils and skin protection intact to protect us from both that morning dew and sun.

I want you all to be happy. Peace.

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