My setup is almost complete

My vivarium arrived today in a massive box that I could sleep in. The vivarium was only 18x18x24” (45x45x60cm). I had my plants and soil etc ready to go in.

Vivarium surprisingly came with an artificial background.
You can see the plants in the tank. The light is the UVB above.

The tank has a mesh top ideal for placing a UVB above. I am using Arcadia 7% UVB shade dweller. I am using bioactive soil for frogs, with a base layer or drainage layer of small stones. Separated by a thin sheet of something I cannot remember the name of! I think I should have added more stones to the drainage layer… There is also plenty of moss which will help keep it humid, and some very broad leaves mixed in the soil, which will help with feeding the clean up crew which has yet to arrive. The clean up crew are things like springtails and woodlice which will enrich the soil by digesting waste material. A self cleaning tank.

Humidity is key with tree frogs, the red eye tree frogs in particular, coming from central America/south America. I do have more vine plants coming which will allow them to rest high up. I actually ordered this tank when I realised that the 30x30x30cm tank I already ordered would be too small. I was right, it was quite small but ideal for my juvenile tarantula. New Tarantula called Frank courtesy of my cousin, thanks!

So, since the weather seems to be warming a little, being above 7 celcius today, I think the frogs will be delivered on Thursday as expected. I ordered 2 remember, although the tank I have could easily house 4.


EDIT: I phoned the supplier of said frogs today to order some more gear. Turns out too cold this week and will try next week. Oh well, gives me time to add the new items when they arrive and enough time for the clean up crew to get settled when they arrive. Hopefully the philodendron will fill the rest of the tank floor as ideally I don’t want any soil showing, since they are tree frogs it’s unlikely they will rest on the floor.

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