I’ve Done it Again!

I’ve gone and fed my addiction by buying some more exotic pets. Thank you for reading my post on my new T! She is doing well, enjoying her little tub and what ever else she does at night.

So, I went and placed a deposit on a couple of red eye tree frogs the other day and paid the remaining balance today. I am quite excited to finally be getting these exotic tropical frogs and have wanted some for a while! I paid for 2 and they will arrive next Thursday hopefully, depending on the weather.

Apparently the babies were born 2021 and are 2cm! My goodness smaller than the tarantula! I bought a pair, even though they had 3 available. These are a communal species. I am waiting for the glass tank to arrive tomorrow. I have already bought the required equipment and tank substrates and plants etc. Just ordered some clean up crew springtails as well. So, quite a bit of post coming over the next week. What a way to start the new year yeah?

Among the equipment purchased and I must say the price was reasonable, however the unreasonable VAT cranked up the price and I really have no idea why they add this when it should not be added for customers. Anyway, among the purchased is a UVB bulb kit which you can place over the top of your vivarium. The vivarium I ordered has a mesh top and the UVB is more for the plants going inside to be honest. Although tree frogs undoubtedly benefit from it as it will help them produce vitamin d3. In case you were wondering, it will be bioactive, meaning the plants are real… hence the UVB and springtails. I will be using special water that has been treated to keep humidity high and substrate moist. A good digital hygrometer works here to monitor, I bought a thermo hygrometer so it measure temperature and humidity in one. I am excited yes.

I will stop at the red eye tree frogs and tarantula as I feel these are good additions to my existing snake collection. I have a spare room for these exotic pets, a sort of reptile room. Given the short lifespan of these frogs I want them to be happy and in a realistic environment so trust me when I say no expense has been spared preparing to set up the tank. The frogs were relatively cheap although I have struggled to find any for a long time. They will be shipped using Walkers Euro Transport I believe.

Stay tuned for more pictures. I will try and upload a clearer picture of the T! Cannot think of a bloody name for her yet.

Peace XOX

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