Lollipop Pandora

Congratulations! Your site, psychedelicwizard, passed 10,000 all-time views.

I don’t think this is many. I am sure other people have passed this years ago or with fewer followers. I watched Day of the Dead the other day and it made me feel better.

I want to see different parts of the world. I feel like borders and money are a waste of time just stopping humans from living and enjoying the earth given by God. We see the rainbow used for equality yet it was given by God to show a covenant.

Anyone ever feel like the earth is ruined and that animals and wildlife have been ruined? Dig up the trees and kill the animals humanely and forget about it. If you don’t see it or hear of it you don’t care. You see it and you don’t care. You are the reason for it and you don’t care.

If 2022 was ever a year to end then well, they picked a good one. There’s no going back now this is the end and you will all be gone in a few months. Civilisation will collapse and they will zoom to the moon and bomb the hell out of earth.

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